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Aurous Nebulous bug

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  • 16761828211
    Please remember that the hide does not stack, and, officer skills Always over ride the ships passive. So if you have very high Evasion thats why yous getting the extra evades and not down to the ship.

    It cannot be a bug if the officer over ride the passive. Only my opinion but it has been like this since we started getting passive ships.

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  • bendigomale40
    started a topic Aurous Nebulous bug

    Aurous Nebulous bug

    serous issue with Aurous Nebulous at level 5 with Hudson Ross/Ku'ph Hide level 3 Misses should add up to 7 misses but its only doing 5 misses
    Aurous Nebulous supposed to be immune to damage first 4 times and Hudson Ross/Ku'ph Hide level 3 100% chance to evade the first 3 normal attacks which adds up to 7, before maxing Aurous Nebulous at level 4 it was doing 5 misses exactly what it should be so maxed out it still misses 5 times its a major bug that needs to be rectify cause if people max there ships and its not doing what it was intended to do then players will have serious doubts on any new ship your development team creates