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    Can someone walk me through how does hit% affecting the battle?

    i.e. does this affect the skill trigger ability? i.e. higher hit% result in higher chance APP trigger. or cause more damage.

    This is confusing since + officer your hit% is over 100% how does higher hit% affecting the game?

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    This has come up many times before. I don't think we've ever received an official answer but the following seems to be the best answer.

    Originally posted by 31135112544 View Post
    I imagine it's 100% if your opponent just sits still. However, it probably combats the evade percentage of your opponent. Your aim stat is calculated against his/her evade stat to determine if there is a hit and how much damage is done. That's my theory, anyway.


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      I've been looking every where since the is server down. Thanks for the reply.

      i think the hit% need to be worked on. Evade percentage is not going to be higher than your opponent hit%. This means when you are battling against a player, evade % is not going to trigger. If it correct, why bother to put these ability. Also i think this hit% should be tight to ability trigger. Higher hit% will mos likely to trigger the ability. People who is in charge of the stats should play world of warcraft to learn this.


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        this is official answer after ranking for 5 days about it for evasion, but for hit i am still waiting:

        Zai Mendiola Oct 17, 2015 07:35AM
        We will confirm this with the Star Trek team. However, the person-in-charge will be back on Monday 9AM. Expect an update regarding this issue by that time.
        Thank you, and we ask for your patience and understanding.


        klingonka Oct 19, 2015 08:55AM
        its mondey 9AM can i get answer please?

        Maggie Oct 18, 2015 11:32PM
        As you may know

        Hit: Normal Hit Rate

        Evasion: Rate of avoiding the normal Attack
        You need check the final evasion of the whole ship after equipping the officer and weapons. However, the evasion will released randomly not just simply use Attack rate-Evasion rate
        For example, you just equip 1 fleet with 9% evasion rate and 130% Hit rate. The other player also equip 1 fleet with 20% evasion rate and 100% Hit rate.
        Then if you attack him 100 times, he will evade 20 times randomly. Hope this helps. If you still do not understand, suggest you could go to our Forum:

        There will be many experienced players help you out.
        Best regards,

        Attachments | Evasion.jpg | hit.jpg

        klingonka Oct 20, 2015 06:50AM
        oh ok(btw i have 900K stenght fleet so i can be called almost expirienced and im asking because every player i did ask they told me its HIT-EVASION)

        And how is 130% hit rate then working? i meen, isnt it 100% enough for 100/100 shot? exept for this evasion rate when it will miss? Please, lots of players are waiting for this answers

        i love this "ask other expirienced players for help dont ask suport any more" part when exp players are not sure but think and guessing hehe


        • wizkiller96
          wizkiller96 commented
          Editing a comment
          Hit % is the chance of how likely you are to hit the target it used to counter high evasion targets. So for example, if you ship has lets say 90% Hit and the enemy has 80% evasion. Then you're going to likely hit him more then missing your shots all though since the percentage isn't that high off you still have a chance of missing that target.

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        Ok answer me this:

        If i have hit 140% and enemy has evasion 40%,

        1) isnt that i have chance to hit him 100/100, but still he has chance to evade 40 of 100 times?

        2)or i will never miss because its 140% hit against his 40% evasion?

        so simple question, i am sure support are using calculators why is it so hard to answer this question? what are chances to enemy will evade atack?

        40% or 0%??

        why is it so hard to give me simple answer with 1 number on this one?

        or is it 16% i think its more like 16% chance to evade

        only thing im asking this its because formula for succes hit is, well, hit=hit rate*(1-evasion), its real math formula, and if this game is using it, than evade isnt working in 99% cases, and as game goes futher, aim chips geting biger i wonder why is here evasion? so am i going to use hit as additional on officers or evasion, i dont know, because i didnt get right answer yet from support, just 1 wierd example that doesnt make any sense!
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          yes? no? maybe?