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  • Synergen???

    Is there anywhere to buy Synergen (A, B, or C)? I need a bunch. Waiting for it to be generated or scouting for it is taking forever.

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    Seriously, this is an excellent question. Why has no one bothered to address it? Synergen is the only resource, only anything it seems, that one can't acquire via ANY other means than Research Lab production or looting. This is more frustrating when trying to then exchange it for Synergen B or C. That 4:1 ratio of A to C is killin' me, especially considering the snail's pace with which A is produced. I mean, how old do they expect people to be during certain stages of the game? We're just collecting resources in a game, not paying off a mortgage. I'd kind of like not to be collecting Social Security before I achieve certain goals in the game.


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      No, there is no way to Synergen B to C you can only get Synergen A from raiding player's colonies or from your research lab. Then synergen A can be converted to Synergen B or C.
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        You should be able to make B into C also if have any left over from ship research not just from A


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          The real question is what to do with it now? Are they planning any other uses for it. Once you have been a high level for a while you will be overflowing in it and trying to get rid of it.


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            raid syn lol, and tbh it would be great that they remove all resorces from buying