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    How do badges work? How do I incorporate officers onto my ships?

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    The first time you purchase an officer, you actually get the officer. After that, you collect badges towards recruiting the officer(s). Badges are also used to increase the level cap on the officer; they are capped at level 10 at first.

    To put an officer on a ship, go to the fleet tab on the bottom of the screen. Then the yellow button on one of you ships. Then click the outline of a person on the ship information screen. Select the officer you want from the menu that appears on the right.

    The Boss Event rewards include badges for 3 specific officers; this is the most consistent way to get badges.

    There are also "general badges", but you need to be at least character level 30 to use them. (I've got another work-in-progress post on how they work.)
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      When "Retiring" an officer you get General Badges and officer EXP cards. Here's how many:

      The EXP returned starts at around 50% and increases to around 75% at officer level 34.

      General Badges:
      After Retring Once
      Stars Reforms General Badges
      20% 1 1 2
      20% 1 2 5
      20% 1 3 9
      20% 1 4 14
      60% 2 1 6
      56% 2 2 14
      53% 2 3 24
      51% 2 4 36