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  • [Discord] Saturday Meeting?

    Hey Captains!

    I am truly sorry we have yet to have a STAD Council meeting. This is due to my work schedule. I finally have some free time and I want to offer it to the STAD Council! I can either do this Saturday (8/12/17) or next Saturday (8/19/17), not sure on a time yet it would depend on which day but definitely between 2pm - 8pm PST.

    We would be discussing feedback, suggestions, your views on the last major update since you guys have been playing it for quite a bit now and more. I will also be doing fun mini events with prizes!

    All I need now, is for you guys to decide for me which Saturday! I want to do it this Saturday but that is short notice so I am leaving the options up to you guys. Please comment on this thread which you prefer if you will be attending! Also note, I will be using the voice channel on discord for this. If you do not wish to use voice you can still type in the chat, I won't make you talk to me haha!

    Thank you and looking forward to our meeting!
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    between 2pm and 4pm is probably better for most of us europeans but either sataurday is good for me, thank you lilliyan i'm looking forward to the meeting as its our first and hopefully many more after.


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      Whatever time works for everyone else. Just not early morning


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        Both days are good for me. Please consider us Europeans, when choosing the time.
        ​Kind regards
        Prime ​FB64


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          I take it this is for council members and that meeting will be held in the STAD Council chat room/Voice, and then after it would move over to the normal STAD voice chat after the meeting?

          If this is correct and its open to council members then TBH Either Saturday would be OK with me. I do not mind the time, but closer to the 2 PM PST is ok.

          I know the meeting is for STAD Council members only, but those who wish to join can still do so.


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            Looks like 2pm this Saturday then?


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              Look forward to it!


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                are you sharing what has been discussed, and what the outcome is?
                I would like to know what we can look forward to in terms of 70s gear/ships???
                Looks like everything is focussed on lvl80 and the 5* officer these days which is good for old servers but not for the newer ones!!!
                i understand the need for bigger groups at cssb, but having 4 servers that have the expedition and the 2nd anni pandoras vs 6 servers with just the regular gear and bloens isnt a real fair fight.
                Dont think it would be such a big problem to put these up again to make sure that all server at any cssb will have access to the same equipment