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    Greetings Captains,

    With the many changes to the game recently (and more to come in the future), there is a lot of feedback handed to us through our many outlets. After discussions between players here in the forums, it seemed many agreed that a game council group would be a good addition. I am currently setting up the system of how we will do things. Please see below for my plans the STAD Council Group.

    How it works:
    1. All interactions will be held in discord (in a locked, private voice chat as well as text chat room).
    2. Continuous chats at all times with each other, helpers, and official staff when available.
    3. All discussions will be reviewed and considered by official staff even if the staff is not present when the conversations take place (so long it is in the text chat logs).
    4. All members will be existing players with a strong knowledge of the game in order to give viable feedback and suggestions.
    5. At least 1 monthly meeting with staff, additional meetings when necessary (after major updates or emergencies).
    6. Occasional surveys when developers require more input.
    7. [NOT DEFINATE] – Discussions of upcoming changes before they are made public. This one is the biggest thing I know most of you want. I understand it is wanted because it would be great to give feedback and suggestions on future content because no one knows the game or player needs more than the players. However, a lot of times this is not possible because as soon as we are given approval to make it public, we do make it public (approval from not only the development team confirming it will happen, but approval from CBS for implementation). I will push to discuss with the council group as many things as possible before it happens so we, together, can attempt to make the game better and not worse.

    • Strong knowledge of the game
    • Be part of the discord group
    • Ability to actively have discussions with an open mind, without hate and harassment that carries on in the game and forums

    1. No harassing, bashing or anything overly negative at each other or the staff within the group channels. Your normal in-game rivalry conversations may continue, just not in the group channels.
    2. Be active, missing more than 3 monthly group meetings in a row will get you removed from the council. Also be active in the chats with each other. Opening up the discussion and chatter is what will result in final feedback agreements. (Voice chat is never required, but during meetings I will most likely talk on voice and read the text since no group ever is all ok with using voice)
    3. Give actual feedback. I get that you guys are angry and upset sometimes and I do not mind the venting, but we also need actual information in order to comprehend the issue.
    4. During meetings, set your discord name to your in-game name and server #. After meetings you can change it to anything you want unless it’s offensive and inappropriate.
    5. No spamming the text channel, this will make it hard for the official staff to read through everything daily.
    6. No non council conversations in the channels. These channels need to be free of any other discussions in order for us to properly gather the real discussions.

    How to join:
    1. Join the GameSamba discord:
    2. Go to the #stad text channel
    3. Join discussions, become active and let a discord admin or mod know you would like to join the council.
      - For now, I see no reason to reject anyone. However, I will continuously remove people that are not contributing to the discussions or breaking any rules.

    I have already added some of the active discord members to the council group. Please let us know if you want to join and be mindful of the rules and requirements. As for the monthly meetings, I will need to do some schedule adjusting for myself and after we get a nice amount of council members we will discuss time zones and availabilities so we can get an active monthly schedule.

    Thank you to the guys that brought the council suggestion up. I hope this is what all of you intended, and mostly, I hope we can get moving in the proper direction!