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Posting in wrong forum sections.

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  • Posting in wrong forum sections.

    One of the problems we have on this forum is people post in the wrong forum section and Trogg made a post explain this also. If you have a bug report or game feedback post it in the correct sections of the forum that's why we have them. If you post a bug report in "Academy" section we most likely won't see it. So simple words, if you have a bug report, post it in the "Bug Report" section and if you have feedback, positive or negative then post that in the "Game Feedback" section. If you have a question on how to do something you can post that in "Game Help" section. If you're a new player who looking for information on how to play the game I would suggest checking "Game Help" or "Academy" section of the forum as they're usually guides and answers to your questions there. If you have a major issue like account being stuck or problems with a payment issue, then you should go to first. Also, I added a quote of Trogg's post below:
    Originally posted by Trogg of Cromm View Post
    All too often I see complaints, bug reports, tech support, off the wall conversation, faction ideas, and a ton of other stuff that does not really belong in this subsection of the forums.
    Yes General Discussion has become a bitch-fest in Star Trek : Alien Domain and even I am guilty of it. However the proper heading and subsection should be used to get some of these points across to moderators or developers and some posts are not going any further than right here because general use of the forums is not being followed.

    Most of us have used other games forums and know the basics of forum use however to get your point across to who you need to have see it, perhaps take another look at the subsections of the STAD forums and try to post in the best suited forum subcategory you can.

    I have included all of the Forum Subsections here and what you should be posting in them so they do get read by the proper people and some of these unresolved issues become resolved. I have also included a Moderated or not beside the subsection so you can see if your post will actually have a chance of getting read by someone other than just other players.

    Galaxy News - No posting however, new servers opening, and upcoming patch, fix or update notes are found here.
    General Discussion - (Un-moderated) General questions, posts, or helpful topics about Star Trek : Alien Domain (not really moderated by tech)
    Events - Upcoming event news
    Game Help - (Slightly Moderated) Post here if you have actual questions about the game and require help with these questions.

    League - (Un-moderated) For posts looking for new members or new squads in the game
    Federation / Klingon - (Un-moderated) General faction chat, poor place to post things about your faction you find better or worse than the other. But it is here.
    Game Feedback - (Slightly moderated) Use this subcategory to express your love/hate or ideas for the game, improvement or otherwise.

    Bug Reports (Moderated) Post here for any bug or in-game issue you see that doesn't completely mess you up in-game or out.
    Tech Support (Moderated) Post here with super important issues concerning game crashes, or inabilities to preform tasks or such in game, or even if you are having computer issues.
    Fan Corner / Off topic (Un-moderated) Show and tell... never anything really useful in these unless your a Star Trek junkie or want to rant about The Walking Dead.
    Academy - (Un-moderated) Question and answer mainly for new players.

    Hope this helps everyone.

    ​-General Kor