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  • Drop rate of ship crates

    I have opened 100 of the new ship crates (Megatron) and not 1 ship. So, the drop rate is less than 1%?

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    Originally posted by 48549673340 View Post
    I have opened 100 of the new ship crates (Megatron) and not 1 ship. So, the drop rate is less than 1%?
    The drop rate is, 0.94% per crate. This means you can open 500 crates and still end up with a 0.94% chance to win a ship. However, in some other events when you spend credits the % chance increases.
    In black hole its 0.34%

    So if you want to get ships Crates have good odds, but you have more chances of getting any ship in Blackhole than crates as there are more to win, Mathematically speaking.

    Also once the drop rate for ships in crates was 0.02% so it has been increased up from that small amount, and the more you spent did not matter, now the more you spend increases your chance of winning. But I will say, do not spend money on anything is you cannot afford to use money you do not have.


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      Opened 205 Megaton ship crates and got no ships and only 3 ship debris. Absolute BS. Its not like it costs them money to increase the drop rate and keep the player happy.
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        OK 5 years ago the drop rate for ships was 0.02% so having it increased to 0.9% is an increase even if it is not huge in %. Personally I think a 5% chance is good enough but then why would people spend lots of cash to keep the game running if they can get 13 ships in 300 crates?

        I have in the past had this argument and profit wise they could make a little more if the % was higher, but it cannot be too high as it would do the opposite affect and nobody will spend as much which makes their profits go down.