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Crate return getting worse??

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  • Crate return getting worse??

    Anyone else think as I do that the return from crates is *** and getting ***** as I do?
    1200 credits and
    crate 600 credits.png
    crate 600 credits x 2.png
    Get just 1 fragment and 19 rubbish

    I hope this message can get to someone who can make a difference:
    "Seriously, this is no incentive and a good way to encourage people to stop spending and even give up."

    I know, great idea but nothing will change.
    Cheers and good hunting all
    Last edited by 16761828211; 06-10-2021, 01:58 PM. Reason: Refrain from using bad language.

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    Regardless of your complaint bad language will not be tolerated.

    As for Crates the % chance to get anything is exactly the same, and if you want to find out the % chance then look at the Japanese website and it will give you the exact % chance. If you do not agree please remember that you do not have to spend money on anything if you do not want to, but if you do take the chance then you have to expect a bad result as the % chance will be low, and not high.


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      Well you certainly put me in my place.
      How dare I ask if anyone else thought as I do after all that was really what I was asking wasn't it? NOT a complaint.
      Well done, I guess you don't.

      Such condescendingly rude answers may make you feel big and powerful but may also be there reason not many comments and people on this site given the number of players.
      Who wants to be addressed in such a negate unsupporting way by a "helper"
      If you bothered looking you will see I been at this since it would not take a Rhodes scholar to realize I am well aware of the low return.
      Just seems to be getting worse and I thought I would see if others fellow capt's felt the same.

      As for bad language I was wrong, sorry, I did think it was pretty tame but I will find better ways to emphasize something.

      As you put so much of your time into trying to help I have never before commented on your tackless replies although I have seen many over time.

      Seems you are over defensive of the game or plain rude and don't know any better.
      May I suggest you read more carefully the intent of questions, focus on replying where you can be positive/supportive and genuinely lookup the word empathy.

      Good luck and stay safe.


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        If you played the game this long then you would know that the % chance is not good and the Japanese website displays all of the % chance figures, which they have to. Nothing has changed since 2016 when things were changed to the drop rates we have now.

        I will not quote the small chance rates because you say you know them, but still if you know what they are why are you complaining when you accept them each time you spend credits on the crates, thats a question you can only ask. Asking is they are getting worse implies that they are when they are exactly the same as they were 5 years ago, not 6 years ago.

        Have a safe day, and enjoy the sunshine