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    I was wondering why there isnt a players market for the players to sell any of there stuff to other players. An interchange or players market is available on other games. Possibly in squad or on the server. It would help boost the player gameplay, in my opinion, and help the small players get complete debris for ships and equipment. Plus, all the extra equipment that is gotten or sold could be used to benefit squad or the server. Samba could take a 10% interest cut from the sell/buy like a sales tax....they do it on others stuff.
    What do you think?
    Maglus Surgh

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    Too much like hard work to implement.


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      This was asked for a long time ago but it would have been too difficult for them to implement within the game, also how would it work? Do you sell for game credits or use a different form of currency, for example Gold Diamonds which players buy, and when the item is sold you are given White Diamonds which you spend on game items, which are not game credits but something you use for none game items?

      This is the issue, to do something like that would require a lot of rewriting of the game just to bring in a market place which only rich players would use and small free players wouldn't bother with as it would only take credits you have to spend real money for. Doing a market place any other way would not bring in any rewards for the company to do so.

      It was always a great idea but realistically at this stage of the game it is very unlikely for this to happen. Personally being able to do more with Interstellar exchange maybe better.