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Mini Client stopped working once Flash stopped working

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    not be special and get a normal computer


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      Originally posted by 85432262 View Post
      What are Mac users supposed to do?
      They will either have a new update now, or will have one soon, just reinstall and let it update.


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        Am I the only one dealing with random disconnects? mini works just dc's


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          Bonjour, sorry for my bad language, I'm french, I have the same problem with mini-client since 12 january 2021, I use Mac.
          I understand the explanations of Adobe Flash Player, i informed support .......i wait.


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            Today, 02:28 AM
            Hello Captain,

            New Version 2.0.37 is released and fix that problem. Please exit the client and open again to auto updating to the newest version

            Download the Mini-client Here:

            This is only for Window players. For Mac, we are still fixing this issue.

            Please accept our apology for any trouble it brings. Should you still have any problem please feel free to contact us again.



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              People are aware of this post zirina so reposting this means nothing. It is to cause trouble for staff directly and will not be allowed.

              As they did not lett players about the Windows update until after the update was released they could have done the same with Mac as well which is why people said just reinstall

              One other player has also posted an easy work around. This work around is simple, all you do is adjust the date on your computer and reinstall the program. Make sure your pc is not on auto update time and date. This will fool the program into thinking you have 12 months to go before flash finishes. Simple work around which players could try.