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Common Questions & Answers Part 2

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    Is this game available on Xbox 360


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      Originally posted by johnnydel View Post
      Is this game available on Xbox 360

      No it is not. I believe it is limited to browsers (including some who use it on tablets and smart phones via browser)


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        Originally posted by Hal2010 View Post
        Here is part two of the questions.

        Q. What is a PCB used for.
        A. This item is used to reset your captain skills. You can use it from your skills icon at the bottle of the screen. Once into the skills menu click the red reset button at the bottom of the tree.

        Q. How do I acquire Weapons.
        A. You can acquire weapons in three manners currently. The first is you can buy some of the lower energy weapons from the VIP section of store. Second is you can acquire weapons from crates, the A, B and C crate each have there own unique energy weapon that you can get.

        A-Crate = Polaron Cannon B-Crate = Tetryon Cannon C-Crate = Plasma Cannon

        The third and easiest way to acquire weapons is buy doing elite Stage X-15. Each stage has its own weapon that you can get. These are not going to drop every time so you may need to sweep the stage multiple times in order to get a single weapon. Here are the weapons you can acquire from each Stage

        1/2-6 = Disruptor Beam
        3-15 = Phaser Beam
        4-15 = Plasma Beam
        6-15 = Polaron Beam
        7-15 = Tetyron Beam
        8-15 = Phaser Light Cannon
        9-15 = Disruptor Light Cannon
        10-15 = Antiproton Light Cannon
        11-15 = Plasma Light Cannon
        12-15 = Polaron Light Cannon
        13-15 = Tetryon Light Cannon
        14-15 = Phaser Turret
        15-15 = Disruptor Turret
        16-15 = Antiproton Turret

        Sectors 17+ No longer drop weapons, now all stages of those sectors drop Advanced Weapon Fragments. This Fragments are then used in the Exchange Store to buy Weapon Chips. Once you accumulate enough chips you can then buy a weapon. The new weapons are list below.

        Plasma Turret = 100 Plasma Turret Debris/Chips
        Polaron Turret = 450 Polaron Turret Debris/Chips
        Tetyron Turret = 1050 Tetyron Turret Debris/Chips

        Q. When can I get more than 4 ships
        A. Currently the max ships you can get is 4 in both the main and reserve fleets.

        Q. Why can i not get to Sector 1 or 2 (Faction Dependent)
        A. Sector 1 UFP and Sector 2 KDF are protected Zones and can not be entered by the opposing faction.

        Q. Can I move my base some where new without starting over?
        A. You may move a base my purchasing a Levitating Permit for 100 credits (90 for VIP). This will allow you to move your entire colony to a new planet. To move the colony you must first go to the colony, then ensure that nothing is being built/upgraded on the colony. Now look just above the icons for the colonies you will see a levitating button. You must click that, at which time you will be prompted to either buy the permit or apply the permit. Once you have levitated the colony, travel to the location that you would like to place your colony. If it is the first time that the planet has been occupied you must first clear it of the hostile lifeforms. To do this click on the planet, click details then click attack. Once the attack it complete go back to details and there will now be a colonize. After you have colonized the planet you will now have the option to move base. Note that this process takes 3 hours to complete, during this time you can not upgrade or collect resources from your moving colony, so this is probably best done right before you log off.

        Q. What is the bridge Button for.
        A. Currently this feature is not in use, it was removed from the game early on due to the fact that it served no real purpose other than looking at your captain sit in his chair.

        Q. I used Pulse Nova, but I still got killed how is this possible.
        A. The wording of this skill can be confusing to some. "Removes all enemy ships shields and silences the enemies for 3 seconds". What this means is that your enemies will lose all shields and the player will not be able to use special/captain skills for the duration of the 3 seconds. The enemy ships WILL still use standard attacks during this time inflicting damage on your fleet. So if you use this ability on a superior fleet changes are that you will still be destroyed. As the game progresses and enemy players get armor this skill becomes less active.

        Q. I used credits to purchase a 2 or 3 star officer but did not receive one.
        A. The wording of this is very confusing, You will only receive an officer the VERY FIRST time that you click on recruit button. After the first time ever that you click on it you will receive officer debris/badges with a small chance to receive another officer card. When purchasing from the 2 star recruit, will get either 1 or 2 star officer debris/badges. When purchasing from the 3 star recruit you will receive 3 star or 2 star officer badges.

        Q How do i reform and officer
        A. To reform an officer (increase max level) you need to acquire debris/badges for each officer. For each reform level you will need an increasingly higher amount of badges. Here are the ways to get the badges.

        1. Boss event
        2. Exploit/Exchange (From Honor - 1 Star Only)
        3. Letters of Appointment - Used in Recruitment Center (From Crates - 2 Star Badges Only)
        4. Recruitment Center 2 Star Recruit (Purchase Random 1 or 2 Star Badges - 50 Credits)
        5. Recruitment Center 3 Star Recruit (Purchase Random 2 or 3 Star Badges- 200 Credits)
        6. 1 Single Random Badge From the Monthly Card a day
        7. Exchange Badge Tab - Exchange General Officer Badges for Officer Badges.

        Some are wrong


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          Originally posted by dragontattoo View Post

          Some are wrong
          Which part?