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Happy New Year to all

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  • Happy New Year to all

    Best wishes for 2021

    Yesterday, 08:44 AM
    The sudden outbreak of COVID in 2020 disrupted our lives and overwhelmed us with distress. Although the epidemic haunted us and separated us from our loved ones, our games have accompanied you during this difficult time. We want to thank you for your love and support in this special year. Wish you to have a year filled with strength to overcome the dark hours.

    As most of the web browsers are ending the support for Flash Player on 31 December 2020, you won’t be able to play Star Trek: Alien Domain on web browsers after that. Besides, login attempts from Facebook will also be disabled.

    In order to ensure positive player experience, and to avoid losing account data when the Facebook app is disabled, please link your current FB APP account with a brand new email-registered GameSamba account.


    Version explanation:

    Version Recommended (Date 12/23):
    Optimize the crash issue in cross server battle, but may not work well on Windows 7.

    Download Here:

    Version (Date 12/30) :
    For Windows 7 users, if you encounter the black screen issue in the version above, please try installing this version:

    Please make sure you remove the old version first before you install the newest version.

    May the New Year bless you with health, wealth and happiness~

    What a lovely sentiment coming from Staff.

    I, as a member of the moderating team, wish everybody all around the ST-AD community good health and best wishes for this coming year. Last year was not one I would like to live through again, and it did feel more like years than just a single year.

    I hope people will take the opportunity to use the Mini Client as it is a way forward, and linking accounts to GS accounts will make it easier for people to stay playing.

    Thank you for staying with the game & staying part of the community.

    Please remember stay safe and stay friends

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    Happy 2021 everyone! May it be a good year for everyone and be better than the dumpster fire that was 2020! Stay safe, and have patience both with the real life situation and with the mini client, it is unprecedented times we're living in in both worlds! Hope everyone will continue enjoying STAD in the mini client now that Flash is no longer supported, and that we will soon have kicked this pandemic to the dark side of Uranus so life can go back to more of a normal again for everyone. Appreciate the people you love, and again, stay safe!