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Waiting for lvl 96 and new system to open

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  • Waiting for lvl 96 and new system to open

    Please advise when lvl 96 and above Captains will be available and the next system(s) opening.

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    It will be opened when the developers are ready for it, if and when that will happen, nobody knows. This year hasn't been like normal years, both because of Flash getting shut down very soon (just days away now) so they've had to develop the miniclient so people can still play once Flash is shut down, and with the world dealing with a pandemic for most of the year. I wish there was an easy answer as to when new levels will come, we're many who have been waiting for a long time already and going by the cycle they've had with new levels before, it *should* have been released earlier this year around the time of the 5th anniversary, but it wasn't... I've seen other games having delays with things as well though, it is unprecedented times we're living in (and Adobe is having a very bad planning as for when to shut a service down, and not putting that on halt due to the current circumstances in the world)