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  • pumpkins and mask 2019

    why is not possible to use the mask, pumpkins and from last year?
    they are exactly the same.

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    Because *do not*, that's why.
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      Originally posted by 751180526806 View Post
      Because screw us, that's why.
      The reason for this is because people would save them up just to exploit the exchange system. In other words, they would save everything to get a ship, then just because the one on offer is not so good, or equipment, they would save until next year where they wouldn't need to do anything to get a better ship. Last years ship is worthless now, so hence a reason why not to allow people to save them up. Also as the items have a metal value it allows them to be scrapped.

      It makes business sense to only allow a set item to be available only once per year, not repeatable every year.


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        Woo, metal. Really useful for someone who has been playing the game for years, which is who is going to have this stuff saved up.


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          If you play this game for a year does this not suffice for a reward? Though using old pumpkin masks it will be a nice reward from GS to allow you to use it. However I don't think you will get enough fireworks to get the ship but ...


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            You have to remember that in every game which has yearly one off rewards they have to change something on items which you would have to collect so you would grind them and collect enough for what you want, like Spar crystals.
            After an event is over, main yearly events keeping them in your items isn't an issue as you may need metal one day so you can make a wall around your planet so the Borg cannot invade as they would see all that extra metal as something just not worth invading.


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              How come I can't use my unused coupons from 2019 at the phone company that's named after a fruit?