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MINI Client and 3V3 black screen

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    Originally posted by 45914879307 View Post

    Kuduzu, I did not say Mantis was not a mod. I said he was not a paid moderator. He is not paid for his services and is not an employee of NGames. GameSamba is the publisher of Star Trek: Alien Domain and Star Trek: Alien Domain- Incursion but not the developer.
    I got that


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      Originally posted by kuduzu View Post

      At this point, you get my apologies.

      However, their way of dealing with criticism is not okay either.
      When somebody says "But" or "However" after making a statement or an apology it does not mean anything because they are making a statement which takes back their first statement.

      My past is not so, informative. My first contact with a PC, or should I say pre 1980 laptop/huge box, power supply and keyboard with green screen, was programming in Pascal. I at a young age was programming Bosh control units for multi tool CNC machines which used paper tapes and punch cards, so 1984 was a little late for me, think I was still programming CNC machins then. Never bothered to do anything after that as computers were not worth anything then as they were just a tool. I have qualifications in a few things but I tend to build PC's so much easier and more money if people are willing to pay out for something worth every penny. I miss my good old CNC multi tool programming, but it is so much easier now, but back then, as you would have known, everything was on a large disk, if you had one at all, and high level language was a pain to learn.

      Your statements regarding the resolution are unacceptable, why?
      Because I am talking about the fact that a full screen in 3840x2140 has still not been planned in analogy to FB Gameroom.
      Neither are there any updates from Flash until the end of the year.
      Whether I play the game on my 15 "laptop screen or on a 65" (145 cm) TV screen (both are 4K display) 3840x2140 are not 1980x1020!
      This is tolerable on the TV, but absolutely not on the laptop!

      You asked if I could provide you with a screenshot in the resolution which you require, which I did and with 3 clients all running. You did not specify the screens actual size or what you run on, for which you cannot attack me for when I show you my results, but I did notice you have forgotten about dragging out the edge to make the screen bigger, but if you play on a 15 " laptop then you will have issue with the client as there is no Zoom feature which we have been asking for since they brought out the program.

      Originally posted by kuduzu View Post
      You forgot who funded this! People like me who have financed this with a good € 30,000 in the last 5 years. So as they say in Germany "keep the ball flat" In other words:
      WITHOUT US!!! No JOB for you.
      Whether you like your colleagues or not is not relevant.

      I had already apologized
      Again I really do not care what you spend your money on, not a penny has gone to me or the people I work with on the forum or in game. You keep spending that's up to you.

      Originally posted by kuduzu View Post
      So if the developers present the problem and GS pays these people to provide a service that is obviously not being performed, even though you and committed users keep pointing out, then both of us should be clear that someone is not doing their job .
      It may be that we as end users do not know all the details.
      But when I buy a product, it should work perfectly.
      Otherwise I change the provider and the product.
      With the beginning of the new year you will find that if the problems are not solved, a number of developers are no longer needed because nobody wants the product anymore, because it is unplayable.

      Just going to highlight where you go wrong
      First statement in RED. The developers run the game not GS. NGames are the Developers, Support, and everything behind the doors. I am not going to go into the difficulties.

      Statement in Blue. As a computer programmer and computer ACE as you stated you should know this, when purchasing items for a game, you do not buy the game just the pixels on the screen. you own only the data stored in your account, and in the west you have a right for that data to be sent to you at your cost, however your talking china, you own nothing, read up on copy right law and state privacy.

      In Green: This is a foolish statement because if the developers were not doing anything then why are they trying to fix things in the game still. Getting a second page of debris didn't just happen somebody had to do the coding for it no matter how easy or hard it was. again if you think the staff are not working that's up to you.

      Originally posted by kuduzu View Post
      If the Micro Client in the 3v3 or the CSSS smears twice in critical situations, then this is a) frustrating and b) leads to no more top-ups or the purchase of monthly passes.
      Then as a company you have to be told that the developers are not well qualified and therefore overpaid.

      Anyway, I consider the war with you to be over.
      Basically we both want the same thing.

      In this sense
      A nice day
      If you click on the Edge of the client it will make the window bigger without using full screen, and it is better. If you read up I am not against you or at war with you, which is strange because if I was you would know about it. I and others here have been reasonable with everybody, we haven't jumped the gun without facts, we haven't made personal attacks on people who are not here to read whats been said, and unlike some which would have attacked you from the start there was no war to win as that in itself states a war was raging.

      We, on this forum, want to see more improvements to the client. Its going to take a lot of people to get them to understand what we are asking for. I hate playing 3v3 due to the crashing but I have to play using the client so I can record who its crashing with, what ships are in use, both sides, and how its effecting everybody. I am not doing this for myself but for all the players. I get no pay for it, and it is testing. I would love others to start doing the same and reporting the problems on the forum where it asks for feedback.

      If one thing comes out of this, I would like people in the German forum to help with this issue. We all need to say, "this needs fixing or people will leave."

      Its a new day and we will all be happy once it gets fixed.

      Keep an eye on this forum for posts asking for changes.


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        IS there an approach to make it so smaller than normal customer doesnt go clear screen while doing 3v3. So far it has done it twice during this round

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          It is well known that the mini client is having issues, and especially in any pvp situation, be it CSSB or be it 3vs3, hopefully a fix will be out before we're forced to use the mini client to even play the game. As for the appearance in mini client, I personally find everything to be too small on the screen when running in mini client compared to when I run the game in a normal browser. As someone with nearsightedness and astigmatism the very small text in the chat box in mini client can become a problem even though I'm close to my screen, all while the same distance to screen is fine in Chrome or Opera. I know for a fact that Incursion had the same issue with tiny text in chat in the very beginning but it was resolved after some time, and I'm hoping they'll do the same with mini client along with having more options for the resolutions in there so people can adapt the game better to their screens.

          As of right now though, if you want to minimize the risk of game crashing during 3vs3, play in a normal browser for now.