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What is defence?

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  • What is defence?

    Adelphi Origin's skill description includes:

    "... At start, reduce enemy fleet's damage reduction effect by 30% and defense by 50%. ..."

    I don't understand what is meant by defence. Does it mean 50% reduction in Armour? Or in Crit Resist? Crit Avoidance? Which is it? Can anyone explain pls?

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    Normally what they say Defence they are talking Armour Defence. and the reduction is on the ships Armour and not on your total Armour. So if the ship has 1000 armour, 50% will turn that 1000 into just 500. If also works the same way for the ships basic attack damage, it will only affect the ships basic damage and not total damage.

    If they did it as 30% of all damage them people will just not bother with the game because it would tum mega fleets into low level fleets in one small swipe, which will destroy the game worse than it has before.


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      Thank you 16761828211, that is most illuminating.


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        the reduction is on the ships armour, not on your total armour.
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