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Unbeatable shields

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  • Unbeatable shields

    Yet again, 1 player with a lower strength than all 3 opponents players in 3v3, beats them without even losing his shields.

    Nothing touches them.
    Weps took out a 4400 billion flag before hitting any other ship.

    Same player in CSB is beaten easily, but untouchable in 3v3.

    We've sent pics, vids, details, nothing gets done.

    Nobody minds getting beat fair and square, but this is just wrong.

    Pretty sure I know how it's being done, but I'm not posting it here so as not to give others ideas about unbeatable shields, or super powered weps.

    Suffice to say, that until this is sorted, my card stays in my wallet.
    Sod this shit, if the game can't even be bothered to root out obvious cheats.

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    I have said this to many other players that have said the exact same thing.

    1, Use a program to RECORD a Video to show what is happening.
    2, Screenshots do not show anything when you are in battle, due to LAG it makes screenshots pointless. Screenshots are good for text based offences.
    3, Be very clear about what you want the staff to look at. A detailed video with a text document or on screen text which shows what is going on always helps.

    If you are not taking the time to provide 100% ironclad and compelling evidence cheats will always get away with things. I have put in evidence myself when it comes to the game, and yes there are a few people that have cheated by using game mechanics to their advantage, but also those that out right cheat. Remember cheating is knowingly using an exploit to get an advantage, using an external program, or doing something to the game which prevents you from dying lol.

    Make a Video and if you like PM me a link when you have uploaded it on YouTube. Make sure it is in HD, 720p or 1080p


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      Was he on the left side?


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        Originally posted by 70850404431 View Post
        Was he on the left side?
        lol only on your PC,