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FYI the forum infraction, warning system and private mail.

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  • FYI the forum infraction, warning system and private mail.

    The warning system.

    We have rules on this forum which have to be respected.

    The rules are locked within a Sticky and are available for all to see

    As a result of breaking this rules action will be taken, however Moderators and Staff will ultimately give people a chance to behave in the correct manor and send out warnings for inappropriate behaviour towards other members of the forum.

    Warnings are given out as Infractions, and infractions have a set amount of days until the infraction is removed. If you build up enough infractions very quickly for behaving in an inappropriate way then you will automatically receive a ban. This ban will last a set amount of days, 7 day being the shortest.

    Forum Mail
    When you receive an infraction you will be contacted by either the Moderator or staff member that gave the infraction. This contact is mandatory because YOU the forum members have a right to know why you received an infraction. Being given an infraction by any member of staff is not Trolling, it is not flaming, and it is not a personal attack. Infractions are there for you to understand that bad behaviour or spamming the forum, advertising, or just causing trouble is not tolerated.

    If you shout and scream on the forum about receiving an infraction and post the message you have received will also cause you to have another infraction for that behaviour. Posting private messages to create, flame, or troll any Moderator, Staff member, or any forum member just to cause trouble is against the forum rules. We do not want people posting private messages on the forum because we all know that some things should stay private because they will result in offending people.

    The correct cause of action when you have an infraction.

    If you receive an infraction and you receive a forum mail about it, use this opportunity to discuss the matter with the Moderator or Staff member which gave you the infraction.
    The infraction mail is your opportunity to reply directly. You can explain what you meant in a post, you can explain how you feel that the infraction was unjust, and you will always have the opportunity to ask for it to be removed. If you still feel unjustly dealt with you can always ask for a SuperModerator to look over your conversation with the Moderator and have them respond directly to you. If you still feel that you are unjustly served with an infraction you can go to the Forum Management.

    Word of Warning

    Escalation of complains could increase the level of the infraction. If you become abusive towards the people for whom you are discussing the infraction then another infraction could result from that abusive behaviour. Remember even in private messages you have to use appropriate language and tone. Also, if you do become abusive and it goes up to the next person in the chain, then you could find yourself banned once they review the mail sent to and from the Moderator.

    The reason for this Thread.

    There is no exception to the rule, attacking staff in anyway is not on. Moderators and Staff are here to help and they all do what they can to solve problems. Attacking any of them will result in actions being taken. If you receive 1 infraction for something you said then talk about it privately, but if you collect infractions very quickly then you will receive a ban. The severity of the infraction's will determine the length of that ban, from 7 days and upward.

    Nobody wants to ban any forum member, but if you consistently cause trouble actions will be taken.