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Mantis and how you can get involved

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  • Mantis and how you can get involved

    Mantis is a means for STAD council to work to improve the game for the players. It is there for all players and not just some of the players to get what they want.

    What we are looking for are people to propose ideas which will improve the game, add new feature, and help fix text errors. The whole Idea of Mantis is to make things better for the player, and that's you guys.

    I have done a step by step process to adding issues/proposals into Mantis which should help all members understand how to complete the issue/proposal form.
    step 1.png
    step 2.png

    step 3.png

    step 4.png

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    step 5.png

    step 6.png

    step 7.png
    step 8.png

    These are the basic steps to fill in a form.

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      For information and help filling in the Mantis form please contact Game Helpers on forum, Game Helpers in game, myself on the forum, and council members.
      There are members of the council within some of the STAD Facebook groups, for example the STAD Players Group. All ideas are welcome and considered.

      Please use the link below to add your ideas.

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        If you want to become a member of the council, believe you can be objective, work as a team, and want to help the game improve, please contact Any Game Helper Directly, or myself, by Forum msg, or within Discord. All are welcome to apply and be considered.

        There are rules which have to be followed and a confidence kept.

        If you think your right for the council please apply.

        Discord channel is :