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5. Gold attribute can be obtained by resetting the 5-star officers.

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    energy restore for flag damage or crits for supporters


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      dmg and crit better than hit in your opinion ?


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        i would think so


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          It would be a nice help if someone could put some light on this. I have been reading this forum and can't find real info. What's game samba documentation about stats?


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            Hahahaha, "documentation". LMAO.


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              Originally posted by 46429906303 View Post
              Old topic, but since it seems to be discussing it, my question is: which stats are better for a PVP oriented officer and fleet? Eva gives a lot of fake strength. I want opinions please ! Thanks !
              What you should have done was make a new post which would have had a reaction by good forum members and not people who would read just a few posts and make comments on them. Also as it is classed as Zombie posting this will have the thread closed as for its age. However I will answer the question with states you should use.

              Flag, Energy restore + 10. If each officer you have a number of slots which you can use to get the stats up. 3 star's and above you require as much Energy Restore as possible. 3 stars have 2 additional (attributes) slots each allowing for a reset so you can try and get the GOLD coloured additional Attribute's Like Energy Restore, Armour, Damage, E.T.C.

              3 stars have 2 additional slots, 4 stars have 3 and 5 stars have 4.

              The trick to get what you want. First of all, the flag. As the flag needs Energy Restore and a lot of it for your skills there is no point having anything other than ER(energy restore). So what you should do is this. Start resetting the additional attributes with the refresh cards until you have a GOLD ER (+10). once you have one +10 save the Additional Attributes. If after 100-150 resets and you have not had a gold, or if you have had golds but not the one you were after, do the following. Close the game, log out, then log back in and load the game. Do this every time because it will change what you get and prevent you from having a SLOW browser, and yes the browser will slow down.

              So you get your first +10 ER and you want more, you can either burn through lots of credits in the hope for another gold, or you can look for Red's. Either way you have 4 Additional you choose from and you can get 4 ER's which can get you over +20 ER pretty easily.

              Next your support ships (all other ships). For PVE I would always say, Evasion because normally PVE only involves none skilled battles. Evasion works great again normal attacks from ships but skill attacks makes Evasion pointless, this is why most people have their labs setup so skills do less damage. So Evasion on all of your ships, on 5 star officers has a max possibility of + 60% and with 5 star officers also having over 70%, some a lot more, evasion peoples fleets go into the stupid sizes bus can be killed easy due to skills. PVE however these numbers do count. If you look at the boss it is possible to have 4 ships last the full 2 minute time limit and with set officers over 4 minutes on the boss. But in PVP and against a good team you could just last 10 seconds. But with good ER and you using skills you have a chance. So personally Gold Evasion is good. There are other golds like hit and critical which are nice, but there are also Gold shields, Max energy, and Damage, which man not be something you would consider.

              When building a fleet you have to remember that your support ships are only there to support your flag, and your flag is there to win the fight. The longer they last the longer your flag could last, and so on.

              Now back to this thread, I am locking it because of the trolling which will follow. I would not like to have to ban anybody for being foolish. If you want to discuss a topic and you find an old topic which has touched on the topic in question, what you should do is create a NEW topic, make a link to the old topic stating why, and then you wouldn't be creating a zombie post and others will be able to answer you with up to date information and not old outdated info, not saying this post is not relevant to your post.

              If in doubt make a new post, it can always get merged into a relevant thread if needed.