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    please explain the different attributes and their importance.....I understand energy restore and should be only on I was told...However I get conflicting reasoning behind evasion (fake strength etc) and what is max energy for...thank you, maybe an ideal set up example
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    To help answer your question I will use first of all, your flag ship and then support ships (all other ships which are not your flag ship(s) (Main Flag and if you run a reserve fleet, the reserves flag.)

    Flag ship. Officer requires as much energy restore as possible, anything else is a waist because you need to have energy to use skills, and as long as your energy restore is higher than the maximum which could be removed, normally around 20-30, then every 2 seconds you will gain more energy than you could lose. All event ships level 60+ will have +30 Energy restore, Your Officers will have Additional attributes which you should try and get Gold +10.
    Easy thing to do on any officer you want to use as a flag is to try and have one which gives extra energy at the start of the fight. If you do not have one of these officers and you only have a 2 star flag officer then use the reset cards to get +10, do not bother with anything else in the first Additional slot, if you do then you will be wasting you credits. Remember it costs money once you set one of the additional's so even if you get a red+5 or+6 you should try for the gold +10. Trick, do 100 to 200 resets then close the whole game client. Closing the game will reset the chain the officer is in. Resetting has proven many times to change the order of the set patterns in which the Gold attributes are given out. What I mean is, you may do 100 resets and only have Max energy and Crit Golds show, but closing the browser could reset this pattern so the next 100 could be Energy Restore and Evasion, or Hit and Evasion, or which ever other Gold could be displayed within your reset results. Remember it is still chance, but once you have one Max save it. If you want to use credits once the first Gold ER is saved it means you still have a chance for another. Remember it is possible to have +40 ER on a flag officer with +30 from the ship, which will give you every 2 seconds +70 ER. now if your a TA PM and low Energy skills person you will always spam skills which will lock up the other player. This is why ER is the most important thing on the flag.

    Energy restore is pointless on support ships.

    Support ships.

    It does not matter if you agree or disagree with anything I say now as people have different ideas about how to play the game. Personally if you are a PvE player you should be looking at as much Evasion as possible. This will work for PVP as well but you have to forget fleet sizes. Scout gear is great for PvE but not great for PvP as the damage is much less even though the evasion is a lot higher. Level 95 Scout may give you an extra 22% evasion but all that does is makes you a big target to remove off of the view screen. Being 20 tril is great if you have the ability to kill everybody, otherwise people will see it as a joke fleet size. So you can choose, PvE game play or PvP game play. If you choose PvE then Scout gear is for you and you would setup your ships with as much evasion as possible. Have officers which have hide, 2 or more, and add as much as possible to the evasion which they have. Follow the same rules as the flag officer. 100 to 150 resets looking for Gold +15 evasion. Only look for gold evasion +15 nothing else. Once you have one save it.

    Do not save anything smaller than Gold +15 as you will be wasting credits.
    The above is a PvE basic setup which is good for all aspects of the game, some PvP and all PvE. You have to remember one thing. You support ships are only there to take punishment so your flag lives longer as your flag is the ship which is meant to do all of the damage. If the flag dies before any of the support ships then you have your setup a little wrong, (Labs play into how well ships cope with skill attacks and normal attacks, please do not forget this, also Spar Crystals make a huge difference as well.)

    Other state and how useful they can be.
    If you are lucky and have 3 ER+ 10 and wish to have more Energy storage then the Gold Max Energy +200 could be very useful for PvP or PvE if you are able to store up energy before your next Victim, I mean play, come into battle. The reason it is useful would be because you will be able to have enough energy to use 2 AOE skills within 2 seconds, one which removes shields and silences them for 4 seconds, and then the other, 95 torpedoes, which will finish off most of their health or ships. As you are locking them up for some time you will have enough energy for another attack after.

    Gold Damage. +360
    This sounds a lot, but for it to make a huge difference you would need 4 gold +360, which is only 1440 extra damage. if you Ranked up a ship 1 level you would get more. It is a choice, but Raising the weapons, using better spar crystals and ranking up a ship would be easier and could be cheaper in the long run.

    Gold Armour +200.
    This is a waist of time when added to your total armour value. This value isn't even enough to remove damage in PvP or PvE when a normal show removed 100k. Just remember 200 from 100,000 is nothing. Personally the Armour value is totally under rated and should have been Gold 5k Armour as it would have had real value when it comes to actual damage, but changing this value now would unbalance the game.

    Shields Gold +1000
    This Value sounds good, and as all shields give an automatic 25% reduction in damage any shields could be worth it, however 1000 shields is pointless in a game where just one skill can remove all of your shields in one shot. Shield would be so much better if it was worth 10 times its current value, and it would be worth it to some players as 25% damage reduction in PvE is good. PvP on the other hand will always make any amount of shields pointless.

    Gold Hit & Critical +10
    As these both have the same value it would be easy to put them together. Before I say anything about how useful these stats are you need to look at your current hit and crit on your ships. As your weapons have either hit or crit on then you will have extra hit or crit, and the higher the gear, level 80, 85, 90 & 95, the higher the hit and crit. Also the equipment chips which you place into your equipment increases these values as well. You can have OVER 200% Crit and 380% hit without even needing these, I would say pointless, extra Hit or Critical stats. Will +10 to +40 really make any difference. You may hit a player a little more, with Rate of hit and damage over evasion rates and all that technical stuff which would be pointless to those that just want to enjoy the game.

    This is why I sit and say, make all of your support ships like TANKS and your flag into a Nuke, either way they have to kill you first to win. Making it harder for them to do that will involve you use of the correct Labs, Spar Crystals, Ship Equipment, and one last thing, Luck. You are not going to win every battle, but if you make it hard for them, kill some of their ships when you know you cannot with, or beat some of their team, thats a victory they cannot take away from you, especially if they are mega spenders and your a light weight who has spend virtually nothing.

    Remember this is my personal thoughts.


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      tyvm for the explanation


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        thanks for the detailed answer. he was very useful to me


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          You are both welcome.