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  • Excalibur passive skill

    I wanted to check if I have understood the passive skill for the Excalibur correctly - specifically, for when the ship is reformed to +5.

    The text says "5-star: Damage dealt increased by 30%, deal 2times damage to enemies and there's a 30% chance to make the target lose extra 15% durability of its max durability when make normal attack, and a 30% chance to reverse 20% of the damage into self-durability. (Boss Immune)"

    So my two questions are:

    1) I guess the "Damage dealt increased by 30%" means the base damage of the ship. So rather than 26250, we're actually working with 34125. But what does the "deal 2times damage to enemies" bit mean. Is this another doubling of that damage to 68250 before things like weapons, labs and officers are taken into account? Or does it mean double (the 34125 effective base + labs + equipment + chips + spar crystals + officer + anything else I've forgotten)? Or is it just a doubling of the base 26250, so we're actually working with 34125+26250=60375?

    From my very limited testing so far it seems to be the second one, double (the 34125 effective base + labs + equipment + chips + spar crystals + officer + anything else I've forgotten). But only for normal attacks. My normal attacks (with level 2 Excalibur) now hit K'Orvac's shields for ~1m while my 85 torps hit for about half that.

    2) I don't really understand what this bit means: "and a 30% chance to reverse 20% of the damage into self-durability". Does the 30% chance to reverse damage (which I guess is self-healing? Not really clear) only apply to normal attacks where the 30% chance to reduce the target ship's durability by 15% has been triggered? Or is it a 30% chance on every normal attack? If it's the former then I guess it roughly translates as a 9% chance (30% x 30%) to heal 3% of the target's max durability?

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    The 30% only refers to the base damage of the ship and not the total damage of the ship, you are correct. Dealing 2 times damage means exactly that. basically double damabe which is total damage with all damage added up. This means if the ship is 120k your total damage will be 240k. (the ships total damage before any deductions)
    This is only a passive for Normal hits and not skill shots.

    There is a 30% chance to reduce the targets health by an additional 15%, basically if they have 1 mil health you reduce an extra 150k health it the effect is triggered (30% chance of triggering)

    If something says something like reverse damage it means that the target will have a % amount of his attack reflected back to him. Again if he is hitting you for 100k he will have 20k reflect back on to his ship.

    All passive effects do not work on the boss.


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      OK, thanks for clarifying. That second part is still a mess, they could really do with something better than running this through Google Translate to get the English version.


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        OK, so the new ship, the Messiah. The passive for that (at level 0) is: "DMG increased to enemies by 20%..." blah blah blah.

        Are we to take it that this part of the passive applies to the entire damage of ship (base damage + equipment etc etc etc) like the double damage from the Excalibur does? Because the wording from the Messiah's passive is more similar to that part of the Excalibur's passive than it is to the bit about increasing base damage by 20 or 30%.


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          All % damage is base damage. This means that % damage will only be the base damage before additional damage is added, otherwise you will have a figure which would mean we would all be one shot killing each other as some players would be getting 30% damage on 180k ship damage, and to be honest nobody would last a single hit from that.