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How To Fight Pulse Nova

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  • How To Fight Pulse Nova

    So we all know that Pulse Nova is a silence type attack. In CSSB there are people that you hit with a Pulse Nova and their entire fleet is not effected. We see that alot in the 5 Trillion and up players. There's only 1 level 5 officer Dean that resists 100% of the Pulse Nova. So how can you make your entire fleet the least resistant to pulse nova. In labs is it skill or debuff. And if anyone else knows any additional things to add would be helpful thanks.

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    Pulse Nova is not 100%. We have ships that can avoid PN and officers which can avoid PN.

    Currently there are 3 officers which can resist Silence effect, Also ships can resist it. If a ship is hit for just -1 (blue) there has been no damage. Avoiding this hit can also have the effect miss a ship. Totally avoiding the attack is what it is called.

    If you have 5 in PN then nobody should be unaffected as they should lose their shields, however if you have a ship that is hit for -1 or one which shares damage and does not lose shields then the shields will not drop. So it is possible for all 4 ships to be not affected by PN.

    TBH there is no point having the rest of your ships with lower level officers on them which avoid PN because people can use EMP and get around it that way.


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      It is true, there are ways to protect against PN, however, you almost have to tailor your entire build to that purpose. Having PN drop shields 100% (aside from those specific protections which are not all 100%,) still renders shields essentially useless when you consider that PN is a ship skill on virtually every event ship, which passed level 60 is all you're going to see. It's kind of like having someone turn a fire hose on you and saying "Hey! You got an umbrella!"
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