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S1-3 Downtime and Compensation

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  • S1-3 Downtime and Compensation

    Greetings Captains,

    Servers 1 – 3 had serious hardware issues. These issues caused the servers to be offline for hours. Our tech team worked as quickly as possible to resolve the issues. While resolving this unforeseeable emergency, we experienced some data loss. The past 24 hours was unrecoverable. We are truly sorry for the inconveniences caused and hope you can accept our compensation as an apology.
    Please note the following issues:
    1. All credits purchased have been returned.
    2. Some events (7 day login, level up packages) are back on and claimable even if you have previously claimed them before. Please do claim them as part of the compensation.
    3. Some events such as weekly tournament rankings have been reset
    4. You can also contact our support any time if you have other questions
    The hardware issues are now completely resolved, rest assured your accounts are safe. If you feel you are missing anything, please do contact us at support as soon as possible and we will address your issues. We will work on these case by case, please be patient with us while we try to resolve each person’s issues.

    Compensation List:
    Deuterium Box Amount: 4
    E-Crystal Amount: 200
    VIP Card Amount: 6
    General badges Amount: 50
    Lvl 7 Chip Crate Amount: 2
    Lv5 reform toolkit Amount: 5
    Blueprint Set Debris Amount: 25
    Blueprint Raise kit Amount: 40
    Equipment Raise-Toolkit Amount: 50
    Special alloy Amount: 20
    Advanced special alloy Amount: 10
    Battle Blueprint Amount: 50
    Arena Coin Amount: 200
    Random September Event Star ship Crate: 10
    Star 20
    Trek 30
    Discovery 10
    Celebrate 5

    Thank you for your support and understanding!
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