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  • Notification of login portal

    Captains, today we are opening access to Star Trek: Alien Domain via Facebook. Players will be able to login and play the game on Facebook, and players from both Facebook and will be playing in the same environment. This means that if you play on and your friend plays on Facebook, you can still play with each other in game.

    However, due to how our system interacts with Facebook, accounts made on Facebook and accounts made on (even using Facebook login) are not shared. If you play the game on Facebook, or if you play the game on, you will need to continue to access it using the portal your account was created on.

    To help prevent confusion on this front, the servers available through Facebook will begin with today’s new server, and the pre-existing servers (1-17) will only be accessible on GameSamba. New servers going forward will be released on both platforms, and as far as the game is concerned with updates, maintenance, etc. there is no difference between either.

    Server 1-17: Play Now

    We apologize for any hassle or confusion this may cause players who are trying to play existing accounts on both platforms.

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    Live Long and Prosper,
    The Star Trek: Alien Domain Product Team