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  • Easter Events Release

    Greeting Captains,

    We will do a maintenance to all servers at 0:30 (PST) on March. 26th. Downtime is expected to last approximately two hours. Please log off beforehand to avoid any loss.

    Update Notice:
    1. 2018 Easter’s events are now available:Easter’s ship
    Easter’s 5-star officer with new official ability effects.
    During the Easter event, the cost of 5-star officer event is 30% off.
    Other Easter related events.

    2. Added a display in squadron members showing who joined this week’s Cross Server Squadron Battle.
    3. Optimized the operation of Attack Shuttle equipment resolving, which will not return to the top of the screen again after resolving.
    4. Fixed the issue of unable to retrieve squadron data.
    5. Gold attribute can be obtained by resetting the 5-star officers.
    6. Optimized the display of server name in Cross Server System Battle.

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    Live Long and Prosper,
    The Star Trek: Alien Domain Product Team
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