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    Greetings Captains!

    As we work on getting the game ready for the next stages, we have prepared some events for you to win awesome rewards for OBT! For this event, you will be challenged to show off your Star Trek Talent. There will be 4 categories to choose from to enter, and winners from each category!

    This event will run from Dec 15 ~ Jan 15.

    Writing: Write a fanfic story about Star Trek, you could even tie in some gameplay you experienced in CBT. Post your entries HERE!

    Art: Digital, pencil, paper, paint or anything else you can create a piece of art from, must be Star Trek related! Post your entries HERE!

    Video: Record a video of yourself acting out your favorite Star Trek scene or make up your own story. The video entry must be uploaded to youtube and have this url: in the description. Post your video entry link HERE!

    Cosplay: Dress like your favorite Star Trek character or a character in-game. Take a picture and upload it HERE to enter!

    *All image entries will be uploaded to an album on our official facebook fanpage.
    *All videos will be shared and added to our favorites list on our official youtube channel.

    • You may enter as many times as you wish but you can only win once.
    • All entries will be checked to make sure they are real. Any entry proven not to be legit will result in disqualification.
    • Cosplay entries must be holding a fansign with your in-game name on it. This can't be photo shopped in.
    Rewards: VIP Card(14 Days) & 1 Starship ( Federation winners: Intrepid class. Klingon winners: mong'aD'Duj class.)
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