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Sept 18th - Tell us something good!

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  • Sept 18th - Tell us something good!

    First off I apologize for missing 1 and being late today, it has been a very difficult week or 2.

    To make up for that, today's event will be.........

    Tell us something good!

    The 1st 3 people to post something that you've accomplished recently in game, or won in game or other item they're proud of that happened recently will win 200 credits! Something you're proud of or very happy about.

    There is no right or wrong answer and screen shots are optional.

    Share your good in game news with everyone
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    Jack Hunter, FB56 - Juhraya

    My main fleet now has all the gear leveled up to 85. Now onto the reserve fleet.


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      Nick s212 - Ghorusda

      collecting the 80th out of 120 needed to reform my expedition to lv 5
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        Victoria fb 39
        I won the GMATT ship on the 3x lucky draw spin and helped me get it to rank 5


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          We got our 3 winners (all above) Nick, Jack and Victoria, congrats, and thanks for sharing!