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Server 18 KDF High Council are recruiting

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  • Server 18 KDF High Council are recruiting

    We are the number 1 squad on server 18 (Feds & KDF)

    Squad level 11
    We dominate all area of player participation events.
    we have 20+ each time is squad battle and either reach 2nd or 1st each week.

    We train/teach/develop those in squad to become the best they can be.

    Great faction v faction relationship with a clean server and with no trolls or abuse.

    Open to very active members that partake in squad battle and help in squad boss.

    find us on server 18 and contact me in game or here. You can also contact me on the facebook STAD Group player group which i am admin of.
    or look up Star Trek Alien Domain Players Group

    If you haver to be a fed then Derek Hill (IPVAN) is leader for Renegades on S18 and also Now MOD on forums and the Trivia Chief.

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          Can you please stop bumping this topic?? Please?

          18 is an OLD server. Nobody in their right mind is going to join it now (excluding alts) and even if they join, they will be comparatively too weak to be of any use, so please, stop bumping.


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            you are wrong again Kurgh

            we have had a steady stream of both fed and kdf and only takes a little while for them to be good players. As most know what they are doing they shoot up rather fast and have good ships.

            Sorry to say i will keep bumping as it is important to me that i do what i can to increase participation on my server. Which is working


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              lol if you say so :-P


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                problem with joining old servers is you miss out on new server events like the "active event" that only comes in the first weeks of a server coming online. That event gives the majority of your badges for your most common 3* officers valkris and kullor. without that event those officers stay at blue or lower for a very long time vs my character I started on a new server at the time has valkris at lv 70 now and kullor not far from it..

                starting a new account on an old server just wouldn't make much sense unless you are planning on playing with a friend.

                I have started an alt on another server in my servers arena/CSSB group just to spy on my former rival and then talk to her and bs. But I only leveled that account up enough to get enough free credits to recruit tuula from elite officer recruit, and to enable chat. stopped at lv 20 which only took me ~30 mins to pull off.

                on a side note: you also miss out on all the pvp battles that break out when everyone on a server is around the same rank and in the same few sectors. That is probably the best part of the game...I miss that
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                    Ipvan, is a decent person. I will defend his character. It does take some a while to warm to him. But that is just because he has a dry sarcasm that needs to be appreciated. Which everyone eventually does given time. your obviously free to join up and if you do, all i ask is that you just place all previous thoughts to one side and give it a proper test and try. you will find that what you think of someone on the surface from previous meetings does not always carry the same weight when you get to know them better.

                    I sense your someone that would challenge himself, in what they might know and be able to side step what they think and start from a fresh canvas to see if it takes a different path.

                    The only true way to be 100% sure about something, is to tackle it from another angle to see if you get the same result.


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                      Originally posted by udeer
                      Seriously Alter, you can see how advertising a 3 year old server - and then including Ipvan - would absolutely be seen as a joke by just about everyone, and including when you look at his behavior in the forum.

                      As far as someone who "needs to be appreciated" - I am not going coddle and baby someone who does not wish to follow the norms of adult communication. You may have the time to play such games, but anyone like that working for me is already out the door with a boot in the behind....

                      Since you do not wish to follow the norms of adult communication, we will close it and move on. Thank you