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Jedi on Star Trek? How is it possible?

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  • Jedi on Star Trek? How is it possible?

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    It didnt, has not, and nor will it ever, other than the server hopping Skywalker who has been playing the game from the beginning, other than him Star Wars will never enter STAD lol


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      the jedi are still joining the server 304, there is already a good group, join us


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        Hello everyone,
        Kinda. But not exactly. There was one race that put all Jedi and Sith to shame.

        But before that…

        For one we know that Vulcans in the past use to possess many more mental powers.

        Before their planet last great war and the emerging of the Teachings of Surak.

        After that Vulcans embraced logic, their mental abilities were greatly diminished, due mostly to lack of training.

        In the times of Surak and probably even before, Vulcans could store their Katra.

        Katra is the equivalent to Star Wars Essence Transfer.

        Vulcans can also telepathically manipulate others. Like seen done by Spock in the TOS and also by his brother Sybok in the movie The Last Frontier.

        But Vulcans are not what I'm getting at. There is a race in Star Trek that vastly surpasses any Jedi or Sith, and it isn't the Q's.
        Thank you.