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General downgrading of KDF ships and officers

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  • General downgrading of KDF ships and officers

    If you don't mind reading a little, continue. If you do, I suggest you still read and send a case to support. If not more people send in a case about this, they will just consider it a single person issue, which it isn't. It concerns ALL KDF players.


    KDF: UFP:

    3 stars:

    Kullor: Early attack 1.5s Wodan Faulkner: Early attack 1.5s
    Pils: Durability <50% => +30% attack Isabel Donnel: Durability <50% => +30% attack
    Molay: Crit +50% Lilya Hamm: Crit +50%
    Valkris: Ship Speed +50% Tuula Rinne: Fleet's scanning level +3
    So we get 1 ship going really fast yet limited by the slowest ship in the fleet, but are fighting an unknown strength enemy. True Klingon, so no big deal. Do that all the time.

    Roda = Duane Arquette
    Kroth = Rasheed Wilton
    Jamoox = Sergei Pasha
    Jenam = Tamayalsi
    Jey'waj = Penhere's somethimg similar going on elope Patton
    For the last 5 the description is identical. Just saving time.

    2 stars:
    Maglus: +30 start energy Clay Lucas: +30 start energy
    Kozak: 10% avoid destruction Coby Loren: 10% avoid destruction
    Qey'qew: 100% avoid first 2 normal attacks Chun Yi Yuen: 100% avoid first 2 normal attacks
    B'Mira: Durability <40% => +25% damage Gloria Addison: Durability <40% => +25% damage

    1 stars:
    Bogq: Fleet scanning +1 Tony Marcellio: Fleet scanning +1
    Mudas: Repair 80% Remi Clovis: Repair 80%
    Ch'pok: Ship Speed +15% Jakob Karel: Ship Speed +15%
    Damogh: Ship torp load +10 T'Pal: Ship torp load +10
    Morath: Early attack 0.5s Claudette Roche: 100% avoid first normal attack
    This would have been fair except for the fact that Morath DOESN'T fire early. Check your next battle. If you have the energy, your skill shot will fire at the start of battle without the ship with Morath firing a single shot.
    Sew'jergh: Ship torp load +10 Wen Tien: +20 start energy
    In what universe is this an equal trade?!?!
    Sachay: Ship torp load +10 Bree O'Reilly: 5% avoid destruction
    YAY! We can fire more torps if the battle permits (right...) and they may have a ship survive. Equal trade off?

    The big difference is in the 1 star officers. We have 3 (yes 3) that have a +10 ship torp ability, even though at most 2 ships can actually fire torps. In return they get 1 officer with that ability, 1 officer that gives their reserve fleet a power edge over ours (which is considerably in arena or interfight) and an officer that may save the ship.

    If you think this is fair, just keep on reading. If not, send in a case and then continue reading. (It gets better, I promise)


    My apologies to those that have yet to get there. I'm only going to compare VorQans vs Petras. I'm sure there's similar issues with prior ships, but this is where I'm at.

    Stat: VorQan Petra

    Damage: 1,450 1,380
    Attack Speed: 2.2s 2.5s
    Critical: 8% 15%
    Hit: 90% 95%

    Durability: 13,060 15,600

    Armor: 200 200
    Evasion: 8% 5%
    Shield: 6,000 7,000

    Energy: Min 30 / Max 300 Min 30 / Max 300

    Output power: 200 200
    Speed: 400 410
    Cargo: 42,880 21,440 4,288 32,160 16,080 3,216

    Here I go:
    Damage: Yay! We get to do more damage! But wait, we do 70 damage more, and their shields can absorb 1,000 more... I suggested they make the damage difference +250 to compensate as no actual pvp battle lasts beyond the first full exchange of fire.
    Attack Speed: Yay again! We get to shoot faster! Not that it matters because the difference is easily lost in the delay between your computer and the server. I suggested they make this the same for all.
    Critical: Now we're talking. Let's make the damage actually hit where it hurts. Hold on, we've got 7% less. I suggested they either make it the same or compensate this by having our evasion 2x the difference higher, as that is how the formula calculates from what I've been able to piece together.
    Hit: Yeah! We want our weapons to actually hit the other ship. But we are 5% less successful in doing so. I suggested they compensate this by giving us the same edge in evasion.

    Durability: Or how much can our ship take in battle? Apparently 2,540 damage less. For an equal opportunity PVP game this makes no sense. I suggested they get their act together and make it fair by making it the same.
    Evasion: That's it, avoid those shots. And yes, we have a slight advantage. But it is not near what it should be based on their advantages in Critical and Hit. See above.
    Shield: Let's stop those blasts before they actually reach the ship. Not that it's comparable as they are 1,000 points stronger. Either they equalize Damage and Shields or they give us more damage to compensate.
    Speed: In a game that's supposedly all about action, we spend more time waiting for our ships to get anywhere to begin with. On top of that, we're a bit slower than the Feds. Feds are explorers by nature, taking their time to get places. Klingons are warriors, running to the next battle. You'd think the slight speed advantage would be ours. But that would go against the logic of the Devs.
    Cargo: Yes, we have to transport those spoils of war somehow. And Feds have to transport their loads of exploratory samples. This should be the same. Besides, given the current formulas for speed based on cargo, who in their right mind would ever take in more than half the cargo when out raiding colonies... if that.

    So if any of the above makes any sense to you and you feel the same way, send in a case. Let them know we are unhappy with their obvious advantages to UFP players.

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    Besides the things stated above lets look at the fact of the +3 Scanner which automatically knocks out our +1 scanner so we don't know whats behind the UFP fleet. It really stinks that you tilted the game so far to the federation that the Klingons don't have a chance!


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      Besides the things stated above lets look at the fact of the +3 Scanner which automatically knocks out our +1 scanner so we don't know whats behind the UFP fleet. It really stinks that you tilted the game so far to the federation that the Klingons don't have a chance!


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        Well look like klingon race nearing an End .. Kronos will Fall like a bug ... No Klingon ships are match to Fed ( in fact klingon has better ship in story ) ... what yea think , Tranform to Borq hehehe .. would be best ,, just dreaming ... well than about time abandon Klingon Empire and seek where still challenge and fun !!! For x sake Klingon is not beaten by FED .. is beaten by GS ...........


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          The balance in the game is so skewed towards fed that on our server [S23-Remus] it is rare for Klingons to get anything in the competitions (trials, Boss & SB) so players are leaving since they see littlepoint in playing game that basically hates their faction. I cannot recall a single advantage that we enjoy over the feds, or have had any ships modified to be better (like the Stellar).

          The devs for this game appear to be completely oblivious to balance and bugs, sooo many bugs, that it seems this game will die as people grow tired of paying premium prices for such a sub-standard game.


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            Funny that you mention S23. I have a character on that server as well. And yes, UFP is trying their hardest to rule that server. But don't give up. My main character with the same name is on S25 and we have a pretty good balance there, despite our disadvantage. So much so that certain Feds accuse us of cheating on a regular basis. Keep building your fleet strength and due to the level cap, you have a pretty good chance of getting to about the same strength as them, despite the above mentioned handicap.

            Yes, it is clear the Devs fear what would happen if they followed the actual story line, as KDF would be unstoppable. But even if they were to do an actual balance as mentioned above, KDF players would rule without question, because we simply love to battle and have a better tactical mind than any UFP player will ever have.


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              Everything is so obviously apparently tilted towards the fed. And yes I noticed Morath doesn't fire early and the weapon effects are are not the same ie the palsy. There are so many other issues with the game that need to be addressed. Synergen B disappearing, the tally in the explore campaign when completed doesn't switch automatically to the next level. You have to burn more due to do so. And when you reach the next level the first score doesn't register. And never mind the continuos server fiasco


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                I find it very interesting that not a single comment has been made by any of the Mods on this thread. To me, that says it all.


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                  A small thing that I believe high lv players do not feel: since the hallow event (the "*ç%& of an event) feds have a LOT of hallow ships. When I try to do scouts I see that many of them have 3 hallows and a seeker or a levi. So their power is over 400K for a lv of 60 and over 600 for a lv of 64.
                  I'^m a fresh 66 with a power of 260K and only ONE hallows. I admit that I'm not a great player and that I do not spend bucks in this game. I have to say too that I'm rather unlucky with inv and crates.

                  So scouting against fllets that have over 100K power more of myself make it .... let's say : of no profit? really boring -I have to go repair every 2-3 scouts, or burn all my repair kits-.

                  This of course is lowering my chances to upgrade my fleet while feds can go on without problems clearing the elites and getting better weapons.
                  By the way I notice that fed hallows can resist much more then klingon hallow (of course).

                  You could say that I should spend money to buy stuff as the feds do, but knowing that the game is biased toward feds why should I? To pay knowing I'll get F UCKED in anyway would not be wise, would it?


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                    The Hallow ships were an equalizer at the end game level.. The only issues was getting the masks drops from the elite attacks (or wheel spins) and the credits for paying for the fireworks. The pumpkins and candy, were very easy to get. When I saw the Hallowed even, I was short on saved up credits, so I bought the monthly card, which allowed me to save up enough credits to buy the fireworks needed for four hallowed vor qan ships. Before this event, the Federation was domination weekly tournament and arena battles. Now it seems to have been equalized. FYI It was 5 fireworks per ship at 80 credits each. It might have been the best use of money in this game in a while. 10 dollars for that monthly card.


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                      I understand that it may gave been a good thing for end players. But for me who is a lv 66 it's just ...... as now I have to face feds of lv 64 equipped with ships of lv 70. And it's really a pain in the ass!!

                      So painful that I'm slowly but for sure loosing interest for this game...

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                    The Hallows event was so rigged towards Feds it isn't even funny. In fact it created a bigger gap between KDF and UFP. Unless you spent a bunch of money, as a KDF you might have gotten lucky with 1 ship or equipment from the wheel, whereas Feds were getting ships and equipment on a regular basis. I don't recall seeing a single KDF win the credits, yet I have seen 2 Feds that won that twice. Even the crates rarely dropped something Hallows for KDF players.

                    Still not convinced? Check out the fleets in Arena. Just about every Fed fleet in the top 200 has Hallows ships while only a handful KDF have one Hallows ship, or 2 if they spent some coin. Or check out the fleets of UFP players on your server, if you can overcome the +3 scan handicap that we have.

                    Until this major CHEAT gets rectified, don't expect me to drop any money on this game. It's not worth it. In fact, it's a pure ripoff scam.


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                      I made a post in the "bug" subforum. Now it is in page 2 or 3. Name is"MAybe not a bug but for sure an issue".
                      I was lv 66 and was trying to do scouts. I made some math, I think the post is worth reading and giving some feedback. Just to know if I'm complaining about something real or if I'm just a whiner... (My fleet is a seeker, a hallow ship -neg- and 2 neg -normals-; officers and equipments are as high as my resources allow me to have, skills have been put where they should looking at my weapons and equipment)


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                        I will just say that on higher lvls these differences become obsolete, and klinkgons actually do have upper hand with dodge rate and attack. Differences with 1 star officers dont matter at all, those are weakest and mostly wont be used at all, it is better to have ship speed officer than scanning one, we may need one less engine to get same speed as fed fleets which is most important in SB. Main problem is that feds have more coiners. about luck i can agree that fed seem to have more but their population is much greater which again give us more benefits raggarding progress in general, we can get syn and crystal alot faster while fed can struggle to farm at all. Having slightly bigger number in fleet strengh doesent mean anything, and because of posts like this we do lose a lot of potential players.


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                          ...lose potential.... WTF??? Most of the players in my server do not go on the forums. The KDF players leave before of bothering to come here D And WHO CARESD ABOUT END PLAYERS? Not that they aren't important, just that the new players are leaving because of the bugs abd the bias...

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                          Bugs were not that bad before this xmas event for most part. And hopefully with this last maintenance game will be playable. If that is the case with new players then they don't even know about these differences for long time thus making this whole thread out of place, kind of....

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                        Don't know what server you play on ?. but on my server after the 1st fsw (Fluid Space War) that the feds won over a year ago... The balance of power is now in the hands of Klingon's who stayed....... Oh and a another thing Klingon's don't whine about injustice in the game... Instead they look for every advantage they can use to win... Remember Revenge is a dish best served cold...


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                          event star ships