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Server 18 KDF High Council are recruiting + reasons to choose us!

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  • Server 18 KDF High Council are recruiting + reasons to choose us!

    We have had some good new joiners last month to this long running and active prestigious squad. We still have some more room and will help anyone that comes to the squad with there gameplay.

    Reasons to join this squad:
    1. We usually have around 26 that sign up for squad battle
    2. Peaceful server with good respect between UFP and KDF
    3. KDF are more active than UFP by 18% so there is still a good balance on this server.
    4. The server group has the most amount of servers grouped.
    5. You will have me to help you in game and provide tips and tricks.
    6. I run the main STAD FAcebook group page with over 900 members from all servers.
    7. We have active MODS and Gamehelpers in this server (S18)
    8. Level 11 squad with 10+ usually active at same time.
    9. It is not usually a coiner server so you are able to complete on events fairly with others without spending.
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    I can recommend this Squadron as I know a lot of the players within it. The server group itself has Moderators and Game Helpers that are willing to give anybody help and advice, be in their FaceBook group or on this forum.

    Altereg0 has put a lot of work into his server and is well liked. You would be foolish not to join the biggest and active fleet on that server or even server group. I would also say, if you are thinking of joining the game, or making a new character, his Squadron would be worth looking at.

    This is my personal opinion as a Moderator.
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      Wow. thank you for the kind endorsement lash.


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        Originally posted by Altereg0 S 18 41133251189 View Post
        Wow. thank you for the kind endorsement lash.
        Its not an endorsement its just a fact.