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  • Open New Sector Already

    its been years for the next sector to open up. People are leaving or getting bored because the new sector hasn't opened up.

    i have 17 pages of lvl 8 chips ready to convert to Lvl 9 chips for all my ships. whenever i even try to upgrade chip in the 100 score event. it slows my system down to nilch for a min or 2. because i have too much in my inventory. i even resolved 2 pages of lvl 8 chips in hopes that it would free up some allocation of my character. but im still in slow motion whenever the chips are opened up. once closed the game goes back to normal.

    even if there isn't much new in the next sector but at least we will have a conclusion of sorts for the time being... besides it will become a nice distraction that will allow most of us to continue playing.

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    STAD:Incursion about to die, so not much hope for more lvl unlocks for us.