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You are the most pathetic excuse of a software company ever

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  • You are the most pathetic excuse of a software company ever

    Going on close to 3 months I have been at absolute max on everything in the game. I've hit max captain level, max weapons levels, max arena levels etc. etc. before, and it's always been only 2 weeks or so. This is pathetic. There's been NO WORD on when we can expect any further levels of play, ability to move forward. There is no further incentive for players to continue playing this game. I've used support several times over these almost 3 months asking for updates with NO REPLY to me what so ever. This group does not care about their players / customers as long as people are paying them money. Well they will never get another cent out of my pocket. It's ridiculous.

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    Going to close this thread because of its tone and abuse towards the company.

    What I will say is this, WE are all in the same boat, but some of us are actually trying to get something done. Instead of complaining about being just 3 months in at being all maxed out think of those that were maxed out 2 years ago.

    Because this post will go nowhere and the attitude stinks its closed.