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Locked out torps XSB

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  • Locked out torps XSB

    I just wondering why my 95 torps were locked out in morning XSB?
    The torps showed greyed out as if I was out of torps. So I checked to see if they were loaded (shows they were). My energy gauge was full up, no one stealing my energy.
    I looked to see if they had been reloaded ( they were showed full), I tried refreshing that had no effect, I tried going out & going back in no effect.
    I tried going out, logging off & logging back in & re entering no effect.
    I went back out of XSB to make sure that my flag was tight the right ship (it was), I also checked my skill to make damn sure I had right setup on my skills ( was correct)
    Am I being penalized for having a 95 torp????
    I spent a long long time being the doormat in XSB just ask some of the Feds who used to chew me up.
    So I'd an explanation from one of GM's on this cause this is some vodoo stuff LOL.
    I took 1st anyway but like to know why I'm being penalized for my advancement.