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Mini Client for Chromebooks (Android) ?

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  • Mini Client for Chromebooks (Android) ?

    Is there a plan to create a Mini Client app that will be compatible with Android for Chromebooks? In talking with other members of my server it appears that many long term players are going to be unable to log in unless a Chromebook (Android) compatible app can be created. Curious to know if there is any development effort focused on this problem.

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    I have asked the question and got a response.

    I will not say what was said to me as i couldn't stop laughing myself. I have played using my Pad and phone, by use of a browser. The only thing i can say is this, if there is a browser out there which will stick with Flash then great, otherwise there will not be an Android version of the mini client, sorry to say.

    If you have an old laptop or pc then good, Android is out of the question, as it was explained.