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  • Boss event rewards

    The Boss event could be really competitive and fun if the rewards were more current. Update reward ideas: equipment fragments, only 4 star captain badges, and random older ships.

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    Sorry to say but that would only help players that would win every time, which will not benefit all of the players, also it would cost the company more credits for rewards.

    I and others have campaigned for higher or better rewards but making changed to the bosses we have now will not work.

    The ideas we has was to add another boss which would allow players to have more of a challenge.
    For Example,
    Level 90 Boss, or 95 Boss. Rewards General badges, Random boxes (1 random ship debris, not current ship)( 1 random Officer 5 star box)( 4 star officer Random)(1 Random fragment) number of boxes would depend on position,
    1st, 10 Random Boxes
    2nd 5 Random Boxes
    3rd 5 Random Boxes
    4th 3 Random Boxes

    If the boss is killed then double badges

    % chances will always be low, but it would be fair for all, as a new Boss would split the top players from those that are not yet close to them.

    And by the way, I can kill my boss all by myself without anybody taking part. I let our boss drop down just so when double badges are needed I can take the boss up to level 90 so everybody on my server benefits and not just me. If more players on my server benefit then the game does also.