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Removal of obsolete ships in exchange/debris

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    Originally posted by bendigomale40 View Post

    "old ships would be on one page, new ships on the other page" sounds good better than the current system
    I agree, and there would be no need for any removal of ships, which smaller players may be able to use, on younger servers that is.


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      How about stop making a roulette about debris and actually a exchange section where I can go and directly exchange general debri for the one I need, without wasting them in refreshing? Is that asking too much? Isn't Game Samba making enough already that they need to squeeze every last drop of juice? I have probably spent $1k over the last 6 months and I haven't been able to rank to lvl 5 one single ship. I have opened near 80 boxes in one single day and got nothing but debri. Guys... seriously, this looks like a Star Trek Casino really.
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        What a great post. Instead of making a good honest post full of facts you have presented everybody with a load of bile. GS do not manage the game, thats the developers. The developers listened and made a change so people have more chances to get ship debris, easier and simple.
        You spending money is not GS's fault that would be your own.
        As for Casino STAD you can always play the game for free like most players do, they are not spending $1,000 just to win, and they do no Gamble. If you have a issue with gambling then you should save your hard earned cash and have a night out with a nice person instead.

        This is a game which has to make profit. It is not a game which is made free, it has had costs going into it like time and effort. Doing this means developers have to be paid a wage, and royalties also need to be paid. Also nothing in life is actually free because you actually pay for everything, unless you believe breathing is free, as somebody somewhere pays for that. The exchange is now better, its not perfect but it is better.

        Personally I would like to see all debris at 1 per debris, refresh cost, 1 debris amount displayed, and a maximum of 10 can be bought in 1 turn. This would mean players could spend out on 10 debris at any one time and can choose how many they want to buy. This would make it easier for everybody, player and developer. Even people like yourself wouldn't be complaining so much. But you know they would still have to make sure they have a profit, which no player likes.


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          yes having different pages for ships is best and most fair to new and older players. say each page would be for random 6offers/12set ships and add pages as new ships com out.


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            The main problem is that for most servers, the exchange is filled with debris for ships that we simply do not have access to. For someone on sever 300, why do we get debris for the Razor when we have had absolutely no chance to get the ship itself?

            If they really want to fix the issue, then the solution is clear. Either make ALL ships available directly, or make it so that if you collect, say 150, debris of a particular ship that you could exchange that 150 debris for the ship itself, which is not the case now. If i had 1000 debris for say the Messiah, but not the ship itself, there is no process to use that specific debris to get that specific ship. I have had events where I have gotten more than 50 debris for a ship but not the ship itself, and the best that I can do is to exchange the specific debris for general debris. All the while taking a 50% loss on the exchange rate. I understand the game needs to make money to survive, but the greed displayed in this game is unbelievable.