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My suggestions on making STAD better.

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  • My suggestions on making STAD better.

    I am sure this was brought up, so I'm going to bring this up again. I understand GameSamba is in the business of making money, but a new ship every month? With the odds being horribly being low on getting a ship and leveling it up and you expect to people to dump more into it? I get it, your looking at getting the money from new people. However please don't forget about the older people. Reputation is everything. Because if you constantly ignore the older players, eventually we tell the younger players things like. "Hey, I wouldn't put your money into this game because before you know it...all that hard work and sense of accomplishment will be gone."

    But these are some of the following ways I would improve the game.

    1. Put a wheel where do can have a shot at getting equipment pieces. It takes way too long to get arena coins to but equipment pieces. (I'd spent some money on this)

    2. Find a way to exchange keys, debris, metals in exchange for other items. Example: I could have 500 Key A's . Maybe I could trade to get emblems for other things. I mean I'm not going to purchase 500 A-Boxes when the stuff in there I cannot use.

    3. Bring new ships out every other month, not every month. Especially when changing the meta.

    4. Enhance customer feedback. I get it, you guys are not Wal-Mart. And it's not like your sitting at the terminal constantly watching to see if you can come to the rescue to help us out. But I had to wait over a week twice because My fleet was stuck in "Busy Status", I lost out on everything those weeks, I didn't get no compensation for any of it.

    5. No matter what changes you do/or don't do you cannot please anyone. Ain't no one probably going to acknowledge this tread (except players) anyway. But I'm putting this out there anyway. If you could work on those 4 above, I'd be happy to spent money here. I don't want to spend my money when I open 150 ship creates and only receive 5 debris of that ship and receive other garbage items I cannot use. But if I could exchange those items for things I do want, there we go.

    Thank You

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    hi UNI, Dude here, i agree with you on all that you have said and as you can see from our recent battles in CSSB i have stopped spending anything on the game , i just see the sense in it anymore, hopefully the devs will listen to your advice and start doing a few things to make it easier for me to say " ok , i want that and will spend a little to get it" but as of the last 8 months i just dont get my moneys worth so i dont spend. see you in CSSB :}}