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5 Star Officer Gold Attributes

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    Try this. After a set amount of resets, close your browser and game, then relog in. and then start again. It sounds crazy but it does change the stats they you get from the officer.


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      thanks Mantis.
      I'm now up to 16,000 resets used and still nothing above +5. I'll try your suggestion, when i finally get some more resets


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        Thanks again took me 20, 000 RO's but i finally got a ten ER.
        I also have gold max energy and shield on another officer. I was under the impression these were almost useless, but I now seem to be beating players i previously couldn't again.
        I was wondering what your thoughts on gold shield and max energy are


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          TBH gold ER would be the best for flag as you need as much ER as possible, where as on the other ships you could use which ever you like. Personally I do go for Crit and Hit on my other officers as they seem more useful than shields or Max Energy.

          BUT having Max Energy will always help if you are a person that has high energy restore and wants/needs high energy for all of your skills.