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UFP and KDF quit ratio?

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  • UFP and KDF quit ratio?

    Sure it's well known fact new players tend to choose UFP over KDF, but the imbalance we're experiencing in CSSB is ridiculous,
    it used to be 1.5 UFP to 1 KDF back then, but now it's like 4.9 UFP to 1 KDF now, my cross server group the KDF used to dominate a lot, but a lot of their big hitters quit for general reasons, some of ours are too, but then it started become imbalanced and more and more KDF quit due to rage quit with little less UFP quit due to rage.
    So what i'm wondering is how did it transition from a semi KDF dominated to extremely UFP dominated? Was the quit ratio even balanced when they still semi-dominate or during the transition?

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    FUnny thing is our group is the opposite- We used to be UFP dominated XSB and Arena . . . now the Feds are lucky to get above 10 in XSB and only a couple in the top 10 players