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Server 18 player planned battle event notification

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  • Server 18 player planned battle event notification

    Planned server player controlled event.
    GMT 20:00
    Game time 12:00
    Sunday 21 November
    Server 18

    Event rules:
    1, Event is in Region in 5.5.5
    2, Each player from each faction to bring main fleet and not reserves to location.
    3. Med hulls max
    4. Fitted as you wish
    5. Enter system @ 12:00 game time, uncloaked! It will be a free for all
    last player standing is faction winner.
    6. winning faction cleans loot
    7. No cloaked ships!
    8. Anyone breaking rules will be farmed constantly for 2 weeks
    9. No officers with the ability to bring ship back from destruction such as Kozak.
    any questions please comment below

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      pretty sad that players have to come up with things to keep the game interesting.
      But I do like what you have done 1 server in my group used to have saber/raptor wars


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        saber/raptor wars used to be part of activity event. Those are long gone now.