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I Got Banned for spamming

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  • I Got Banned for spamming

    "Edited out" I just Spammed the forum which infected links, never trust any none forum based link people like me leave, if you click on them expect to get added extras added to the back doors of your browsers and extensions.

    This is a WARNING to anybody that does this again I got banned for it and so will you.
    Last edited by 16761828211; 03-28-2020, 01:06 PM. Reason: Please do not spam infected links.

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    I was also banned because I was stupid. I posted links to other sites and made stupid judgements on how to make lots of money.

    I have joined the "I got band Group" we have meetings on Mondays to Thursdays in the Old Church Hall where nobody lives or cares about.
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      Hate to say it but don't post links or messages about making money. I would ban members on my own site for doing that. It's spam and it obviously broke the site's rules. It's called spamming for a reason.