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  • Newbie needing help

    Hi, I currently have a fleet strength of 1500k, what is the easiest way to raise my fleet strength ?

    I can only spend $10/month on the game, what is the best way to get a better ship/better officer while spending little money?

    Thanks for your help : )

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    First your going to get lots of answers for different ways to increase your fleet strength.

    First, you need to decide what kind of player are you so you can build your fleet around that idea. You want to think long term instead of short term, to get the most out of your credits. You need to decide what kind of fleet you want to shape your ideas are. Like what ship do you want as your flag, or how about a tank?

    Second. Make sure you join a squad, this helps out a lot. Join one with as many members as you can, contribute as much as you can. Although I wouldn't contribute credits. This will help you buy stuff in the squad store. I never bought the VIP status, to me that was a wasted money. It does not count towards the spending awards.

    Third Fleet strength is NOT everything. You can have a fleet strength of 1500K and wipe the floor of someone who has a strength of 50000K. It depends on how your set up is. And as a disclaimer, I am a coiner. But I have not spent hundreds of dollars. Sometimes you can get lucky on things. You just gotta be smart on how and when you spend your credits. My fleet strength is 1029B. I have very high evade which is very useful against some fleets. I also hit very hard. However, skill effects is my weakness.

    Fourth: Each fleet will have strengths and weakness. Watch others on how they play and adapt on how your thinking is and what resources you have. Yes 5 star officers are a great asset, but if they are not on the correct ship, or you don’t have a good flagship then it doesn’t matter.
    Fifth: You gotta play more than 30 minutes daily to start making an impact. Some players will give you advice, some will not. Some will give you what seems like unrealistic expectations of your current situation. Just remember my first point.


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      I agree with most of what the previous poster said, but there are some things which you have to know or understand.

      You can blow up your fleet size, give it a lot of fluff, and be destroyed by a player within seconds. For PVE Evasion is a must, and evasion increases your fleet size. However in PvP evasion is virtually useless because you will face skills.
      For PVE, which is most of the game when you are a small player looking to build a fleet. Equipment does make a difference, and Scout sets are good for PvE and Crescent gear is good for PvP. On my small sized fleet I use 3 crescent sets and one scout set. This is my PVP setup because I do a lot of damage within the first seconds of any battle.
      My PvE setup is exactly the same as my PVP setup because it is versatile, and can take some punishment.

      I have a good boss setup, but you can Farm Ringo for as long as you like, as long as your level 59 or under. Creating level 40 gear, then creating level 50 gear. If you are over level 59 then you have passed the easiest way to get some things.

      My main char has a fleet well over 1,000 B and as i said I have 3 crescent sets on so my actual fleet size is not shown because I do not bother with evasion in PvP as skills negate evasion. I have killed 6,000 + players who are evasion based, and many times I go through whole fleets in 3v3 without losing a ship. Evasion is not everything, unless you are fighting Ringo or doing Scouts. Scouts are not PvP they are AI fleets which follow the rules of evasion, this means high evasion will make them miss hit you. Now if they were real players they would skill you off the bat, which means your more likely die very fast.

      Do Scouts daily so you can get Crystals for Tech upgrades. If you have spent any money of game credits you may have unlocked your Vip level. This is very important. When you join a squadron (make sure it has a lot of active members) make sure you get the Vip from the squadron shop. Why should you do this, because you can save them up and use them when there is free credits in the sign in, and also so you can link up a number of Tech upgrades. You will also open up upgrade slots for your bases, and many other things you will need, for example Dispatch Missions.

      This information could go on and on. Dispatch missions will allow you to upgrade Labs. The main labs you will need are, Weapons Power and Weapons Accuracy.
      These to labs will add a lot of power to your fleet. Every 20 levels will show a big increase to their damage capabilities.

      Thinking behind setups and ships. This is a little difficult because the ships themselves are what makes a fleet deadly. If you have the Maraker then you are off to a good start. The Razor is also a good ship, even though it is two years old. There are a few ships which kicks butt, however you need officers to go with them.
      Remember everything is not about the ships, you can have officers with Repeater on them. If you can fire more shots in 2 seconds than the other player it is possible to kill them faster. My boss setup allowes me to fire 12 shots every 2 seconds. I do over 120 million on the boss, and I know of some players that do a hell of a lot more than that. Being able to do 60+ million in a minute is hard, but there is nothing wrong with doing 2 million in 1 minute or so. Having the right ships and officers do make a big difference.

      As for spending $10, a monthly card is the best way forward, but being able to get a growth fund before you hit level 39 is important. If you wait until you have enough credits for the biggest growth fund will help you more than just words on a screen. 5 star officer events like lucky draw are important, but its actually all about the wine glasses.

      Now that will give you something to think about, but if you need anything more feel free to PM me or reply here.


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        Simple, the monthly card is your best option. for what you have to spend that is by far the most value for money and you can save up creds monthly and splash out when you get around 3k saved on decent 5* officers.