If you seriously consider which hosting service to choose, you have to start with the platform where you are going to create your website.
If you opt for woocommerce, it makes sense to opt for best managed hosting service for woocommerce.
Did not you know that there are hosting services designed especially for VPS? Yes, and I'll tell you the advantages of one of them.The first. Why do I think VPS is a good platform to deploy your website? For the same thing that VPS is to launch a blog.
It is easy to use and has thousands of perfectly functional and free plugins (like Woocommerce itself).
But, as always with VPS hosting USA, to get the most out of your potential, you must "tune" it a little bit, putting good plugins around here, removing the bad ones over there, reinforcing security a little bit by using the appropriate template ... And only then is it Your website will work smoothly.
The most important step in this "tune" process is, you guessed it, choosing the right hosting. If parts of a basic, generic hosting, which serves the same for a blog as for an ecommerce, but deep down it goes badly for both of you, you are putting a tile at the beginning.
Advantages of managed hosting for VPS
Now you can be a handyman and spend hours tuning, you will not get the best performance you can get your Website. And that's why I liked the Managed VPS hosting from Nestify so much.
Briefly, it is a hosting service that with a few clicks from your Panel, leaves everything ready for your Woocommerce to perform very close to its maximum potential, in addition to many other advantages.
I have made a small comparison of the loading speed of a website in one of these accommodations, in front of my usual provider and the result has been very satisfactory.
Later I go into detail, but for now I will tell you the main features of the service offered by Nestify.
Nestify is an international company with local support team. They define themselves as very geeks , which already gives some peace of mind.
Now seriously, Nestify is very committed to security, developing its own solutions and its own updates to cover vulnerabilities in firewalls, kernels, etc.
They offer several SSL certificate services (fundamental for ecommerce, and more), including the free Let's Encrypt (which I have already tried and it works very well).
As for speed, they have developed their own caching application for VPS that works at the server level.They also include a free CDN according to the plan you choose. They also support HTTP / 2 ; this will perhaps be the most decisive option in the future when it comes to speeding up a website.
And with regard to the plans for VPS, which are the ones that occupy us, they offer all this: VPS management: automatic updates and daily backups (very important, because these little things take away a lot of time throughout the year, and if you neglect them, danger)
Free SSL
Support 24 hours, every day of the week and through all channels (no need to tell you how important this is, or think about that you bother the web on a Friday afternoon and have ,no solution until Monday to midmorning)The prices of the plans range from $7.99/MONTH for the most basic, to $49.99/MONTH for the Professional, which is what I have tried. Here you can see all the managed hosting plans and prices