Spiritual Meaning of Cemetery in a Dream

Graveyard is death for many. However, if we review the artistic expressions, there are many creations that have started from this context. The Graveyard has been a source of inspiration for painters, poets and musicians.

In some cultures like the Mexican, for example, death is not a tragedy. For some Buddhist practices, death is only a transit to new life.

Thus, associations with death are sometimes cultural in nature, and not necessarily negative. Much less is the Graveyard, where the farewell ritual is performed.

It is interesting to know where the word Graveyard comes from “it comes from the vulgar Latin ‘cemeteriu’ , and ‘coemeterium ‘, which in turn comes from the Greek ‘koimeterion’ , whose meaning is: place to sleep (koimo: sleep / lie down / lie down, -therion: place suffix). To Castilian it came from Latin as ‘cemeterio’ , but through the centuries an interspersed ‘n’ slipped into the term.

As we see the Graveyard is even an evocation to rest and peace, therefore we must know how to interpret what we dream about this place.

Let’s see some graveyard dreams meanings.