Whenever we dream of pregnancy it is a strong sign that we are in the process of creating something important and that it has an expiration date to happen.

Many people when they have this type of dream and know the symbolism involved immediately associate it with their life projects, but there are also those who are pregnant in their dreams and even knowing that they have something to fulfill, they cannot know what it would be. They need a certain “little push to connect and make it happen …” Would this be your case? If so, here are some important tips:

Dreaming about your own pregnancy is always an access to personal power. It means that you are literally able to achieve something. The problem is that if you are unable to access what this something would be and even if there is some kind of problem that appears in this pregnancy, it may be a sign that there are some unconscious impediments.

How about we unravel this enigma? For that, I invite you to participate in a specific game called: “Make your dream come true.”

For this game to really work, there are two basic rules to be followed:

Rule 1 – Never judge what comes to your mind during the course of the game.

Rule 2 Only the game really wins and literally reaps the rewards of those who fulfill the last step of the game.


1) Sit in a place where you can write calmly.

2) Take three sheets of paper.

3) On sheet 1 write and list everything that comes to mind as your life projects. Example: 1- moving house, 2- traveling abroad, 3 – getting married … 4 – separating … And so on! Don’t choose too many projects at first.

4) On sheet 2, describe the possible impediments to prevent such projects from being carried out.

5) Then, as if it were a continuation of your dream, you will create and invent opportunities to turn these impediments into facilitators. For example: If you want to build a house and the impediment is the fact that you do not have the means for this endeavor, then you will imagine something that will make you have enough money. You may find yourself winning in the mega-senna, receiving a salary increase or even having all the necessary money regardless of how you got there. The important thing is to access and activate as much as possible the pleasant and positive feeling of being connected with your place of Prosperity. The scenarios created help in a way, but what really changes the contexts of reality are our positive emotions.