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Game Crashing

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  • Game Crashing

    Im on my iPhone 6S. My game crashes during battles and not any other time. Crashing occurs roughly every hour or so for me. In FGB, I seem to crash consistently. The crash usually occurs when the battle just starts and the units are spawned in or when theyre fighting. The game freezes for about a second and exits out the app. I've tried on my ipad and have not experienced crashing.

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    Hello there, we've recently spoken over discord regarding this issue; although It was somewhat helpful for me, I'd like to assist more in making it more useful for the developers. I was wondering whether you could reply with the following format for me?

    Device Type:
    Where does it occur:
    How does it occur:
    Can you replicate it:
    How often does it happen:
    Does it have a massive impact on your game play:


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      Device: iPhone 6 Plus ( Haven't updated to latest version of apple, I'm on 12.4.7)
      Problem: Crashing
      Where: Only Battles (pvp,pve,etc)
      How: Game freezes up, exits out the game
      Replicate: No, occurs randomly
      How often: Occurs more often in PVP (arena, FGB) than PVE.
      Impact: Not a large impact on PVE since I don't lose anything, impacts PVP tremendously since you lose challenge points if you crash. FGB points don't regenerate every hour.