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    1. Sometimes when you press "train" you get directed to another character.
    -for example im on yamori i press "train" and i end up by Kaneki.

    2. While looking through your team it can happen that the model of one character bugs so that you see 2 character models at the same time.
    - for example im on yamori and i see only his model -> then i go on Rize and i see Yamori's character model and Rize's charactere model at the same time.(Visual bug)

    3.The Set bonus of the defense armor seems to trigger with every aa in PvP.
    - When im playing Marude in PvP and he has the defense armor equiped he is healing himself so strong that i can 1v1 an SSR character with double my RC because he shoots 4-5 times and also heals himself 4-5 times with that.

    4.Team challenge does only work properly when you invite people.
    -When you use the "auto Match" option all teammates are "AFK".

    5.Sometimes you cant swap between your characters while ingame.
    -It happens rarely and a restart helps but its still annoying.

    6.The Ranking Lists dont work properly.
    -For example it shows the First and third place but not the second.

    - Katoteki - Server 076 Devil Ape 2 (Android)