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"Tokyo Ghoul Dark War" Goes Live and New Server [Anteiku] Open Today!

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  • "Tokyo Ghoul Dark War" Goes Live and New Server [Anteiku] Open Today!

    Dear Player,

    Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War will be available on Google Play on January 3, 2018 and the new server [Anteiku] will be opened as well. Join us in the authentic Tokyo Ghoul world!

    Server Opening Time:
    January 3, 2018, 6:00 PM, PST

    New Server Name:

    Available Regions:
    Ireland, New Zealand and Australia

    Meanwhile, we have prepared rich online events for you.

    Event 1: Top-up Gifts
    During the event, top up any amount for the first time to receive the powerful SR damage dealer - Rize Kamishiro, 88,888 Gold, 10 Rank-2 EXP Potions and 10 Sweep Tickets.

    Event 2: Growth Fund
    During the event, players can buy a Growth Fund after meeting requirements, and receive massive Diamond rewards when the corresponding fund level is reached.

    Event 3: Time-Limited Discount
    During the event, players can buy 3 different types of excellent item materials with low prices every day.

    Event 4: VIP Rewards
    During the event, players' VIP level will be increased based on their top-up amount. For every VIP level, there will be a VIP pack available, containing superb equipment, items or heroes. VIP15 players are able to buy the strongest SSR hero Arima-IAX in the game! VIP players can obtain an exclusive Value Pack every day!

    Event 5: Accumulative Top-Up
    During the event, players can receive massive materials, item chests and the strong support hero Eto in the game after the accumulative top-up amount reaches the requirement.

    Event 6: Improve Rc to Win Gifts
    During the event, meet the Rc requirement to receive tons of Rank-2 EXP Potions and Advanced Refine Stones.

    Event 7: Rc Competition
    After the event, the top 10 players in the Rc Ranking will be rewarded with massive Evolutionary Cells and Gold. The No.1-4 players can even have a chance to obtain the SR tank Amon-Dojima+.

    Event 8: Level Contest
    After the event, the top 10 players in the Level Ranking will receive massive Rank-2 EXP Potions, Gold, Epic Equipment Shard Chests.

    Event 9: Diamond Draw Gifts
    During the event, join the Diamond Draw for the required number of times to claim various superb items with a chance to obtain the SR support hero Eto.

    Event 10: Upgrade Gifts
    During the event, reach the required level to claim level rewards, including massive Evolution Materials, Gold and EXP Potions.

    Event 11: 7-Day Login Pack
    During the event, login daily to claim EXP Potions, Gold, Diamonds, Rc Cells, Equipment Star-Up Blueprints, Epic Equipment Shard Chests, the powerful and handsome damage dealer Aneki-Rinkaku and other rewards.

    Event 12: Privilege Card Benefits
    During the event, we will be introducing 3 types of privilege card for players: Monthly Card, Season Card and 6-Month Card. During the effective period of the Privilege Card, players can claim 100 Diamonds, 10 Sweep Tickets, and 1 NR Lucky Box Key daily.

    Event 13: 7-Day Goals
    During the event period, one goal will be unlocked daily for 7 days. As long as you meet the condition, you will be able to claim a corresponding reward. Goals and rewards are different each day. After 7 days, the system will send the powerful SR damage dealer - Juzo-Armor as reward based on the number of goals players completed during the event.

    Event 14: Friend Invitation
    Players can invite their friends to play the game together through Facebook. Both the inviter and invitee will receive lush rewards. The more friends you invite, the more rewards you will receive.

    Event 15: Bug Finding Event
    Players can report bugs they encountered in the game on our official forum and give suggestions as well. Once the bug you reported is confirmed or your suggestion is taken, you will receive 500 Diamonds as reward in the form of Gift Code.

    Tokyo Ghoul Dark War
    Operation Team
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    When is the release of server 2? Thanks


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      I did not see the Event 5 since I have played it. Where is it in the menu?


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        When will this be released for iOS in North America. I REALLY want to play this as Tokyo Ghoul is my favourite manga and anime ever!